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strong suggestion re worklists (not sure where it goes- we don't really have a worklist project page since we don't have a worklist project anymore... a loose one of sorts with suggestions and discussion may be a good idea mind..) - thoughts- (1) the Baumfelder worklist is an especially well-done example to my mind- earliest known dates, comments, sortable, etc. (2) a new column/etc. - start including at least one plate number for published items where one can find it (in the case of much-arranged opus numbers, at least one, perhaps early, plate number) as well as early publication date and publisher, even if we do not have the work yet, as often as possible, to help the person who creates the workpage - the more work done on one end, the less has to be done later, etc. Eric 16:56, 22 April 2011 (UTC)