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Re: Composer's Interpretation of "Prelude in E minor"

In this new century, a recursion to purist form, i.e., the humble fugue, as applied to the utilization of contrapuntal technique in the "modern" simplification of popular music (suspension, modal ambiguity, etc.)-- could be inevitable. "Prelude in E minor" attempts to offer a soupcon of impressionist empiricism: the song is brief, as according to current fashion in popular music; the chanson attempts to offer a variety of tonal textures within its short bloom. The title itself is anonymous: not unlike the paucity of human warmth, existentialism threshes out modern man as such as he faces in his relationship to another human being. The composer's intent is to capture both the loneliness of enduring the perception of existing without the periphery of hope; and, that, within the inception of aspirations, lies the simplification of peace.Aaron Cotton 06:23, 10 December 2011 (UTC)