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Discrepancy (possible)

MusicSack has two entries for what could possibly be the same person, here and here. The first gives an exact date of death, citing an 1891 source; the second cites Grove 1980 and gives only floruit dates. It is of course much more likely that the latter is correct, but the issue is that I have no idea which person is actually the one who contributed to Deliciæ musicæ. That collection was published in 1695-6 - the first MS entry says he died in 1675, so it would be reasonable to guess that his contributions here were simply published posthumously. The second entry says he was active from 1687 onwards, which would mean that he was a contemporary when this was published. The latter to me seems more reasonable, especially in light of the better source, so I've copied that information here. In point of fact, though, I really have very little idea which is which (or even if they're one and the same, with wildly differing biographical information). More information, as always, would be highly appreciated if available. KGill talk email 01:48, 3 March 2011 (UTC)