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other Eichbergs in the composing universe

apparently at least one, perhaps both of the two 19th century Eichbergs aside from Julius Eichberg - Richard Johannes (1855–1919) and Oscar/Oskar (1/21/1845–1/13/1898) - are probably not related to Julius, so any interest until a work by one of them is in fact uploaded here becomes strictly editor-centered, not front-and-center-worthy. Baker 1919 has a brief bio of Oskar Eichberg on page 234, immediately following that of Julius; born and died in Berlin, was a director of music societies and organizer and publisher of music journals including for 10 years and annual Musik-Kalender, and composed some small-scale works. No mention of any known relation to Julius. HMB lists compositions by O. Eichberg - songs, a song-cycle and piano pieces - from 1869 to 1883 and mentions the same Musik-Kalender as does Baker for some of its years - 8 of the 10 times unless my search just is not catching 2..., hrsg. von O. or Osc. or Oscar Eichberg from 1879 until 1889. (The last work listed by Julius Eichberg in HMB is his opus 80, published in 1878, a set of 24 studies for violin.)

As to R.J. Eichberg, his first published work noted by HMB it seems is a 1885 romance for violin and piano, and his last before 1901, a set of songs opus 19 in 1899. (Unlike the productions of Oskar, indeed, some chamber music seems to be here, including too several works for solo harmonium- the Mason-Hamlin-Harmonium, here, including an impromptu- or ensemble including the same. This makes me curious...) Eric 22:22, 24 July 2011 (UTC)

And that's just the tip of the Eichbergs  :-) — P.davydov 22:33, 24 July 2011 (UTC)