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According to this biography it was Jacques' brother, not Jacques who died in 1841; Jacques died afterwards. Eric 04:32, 14 December 2010 (UTC) (I realize disagrees with me.)

BNE (the source that gives 1841 on VIAF) cites LC Authorities from 2004. As Wasielewski died in 1893, I wouldn't assume that his book should be considered more trustworthy than such a recent source. Cheers, KGill talk email 15:16, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

True, though I'd like to know what their source is (of course, that applies to my source too :( )... an issue of the Strad from 1908 or so (February 1908, p.343- possibly just quoting or mostly Wasielewski, though, as it makes the same claim about Jacques living into the 1860s after retiring in the 1840s, and of his being born in 1816 and not 1812...) claims that Franco-Mendès was born on May 4th, I think (again not sure its source. As with so many of these, someone needs to get to the birth/baptismal certificates and do real research - erm, I'm not volunteering, especially not to put in the years of effort Alan Walker seems to have to get access to records that are now, apparently, closed again until he dies or someone changes their mind (not very repeatable research, scientifically speaking, except in principle.) Eric 16:59, 5 September 2011 (UTC)