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Waldmusik op.60 recently uploaded to Sibley (handle 1802/12892 )- publication date claimed to be 1922, but can this be shown? The work was premiered in early 1923, and several sources claim (with what evidence I don't know) that the work's composition was concluded in that year too. It may have been published in 1923, in any case- but evidence one way or the other should be obtained before deciding whether it's PD-US or not. (It's definitely PD-CA, though- Kistner is used on the title page and Kistner changed its name -during- 1923, so it was published before that change, sometime early in 1923 at latest. I'm in the US and can't legally download it - I'm not really sure that Sibley can legally host it despite the 1922 copyright claim, unless they have evidence for it, but so goes... :) ) Eric 15:17, 13 October 2010 (UTC)

The work was published without a copyright notice, which would have injected it into the US public domain the first time a copy was sold in the USA. I'll check the NIE's, but restoration is highly unlikely to have taken place. For that reason, Sibley could indeed host the piece. Also, it is not impossible (though a little unusual) that publication took place before the work's premiere. The fact that the premiere took place on February 1st makes it very unlikely that the piece was only completed in 1923, as there would have been time needed to a) extract parts and b) rehearse. Carolus 03:40, 14 October 2010 (UTC)