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The author Edme-Joachim Héreau (1791-1836), born in Paris, is little known in the French literary public, but played an important role in the activities of the Revue Encyclopédique from from the beginning af the 1820-es to his death.

We know that he went to Saint Petersburg 1809 to serve as secretary for a Russion prince. Back in Paris 1819 Héreau became contributor to the Almanach des Muses, the Almanach des dames, the Revue Encyclopédique, the Causeuse, but also to the Bulletin universel des sciences et de l´industrie, the Chronique de Paris and the Dictionnaire de la conversation.

During his literary career as a 'diligent, witty and acute writer' he edited a large number of articles besides verses and fables. In 1825 he released an analysis of Kriloff's imitations of Russian fables, and the following year his survey on a number of poetical works. In 1827 he published, as editor, the famous work by Dupré de Saint-Maur, Examen de l´anthologie russe. We owe him the table of Russian and Polish literature in M. Jarry de Mancy's Atlas des littératures.

Appointed as the general secretary of the Revue, Héreau engaged in promoting Russian themes. He worked up the sections Littérature and Bulletin bibliographique informing about Russian poetry and press in collaboration with Sergueï Dmitrievitch Poltoratski (1803-1884).

Source: Ekaterina Artioukh: La réception de la littérature russe par la presse française sous la monarchie de juillet (1830-1848), Paris 2010. Translated to English by Christian Mondrup