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Japanese translation

Could you put Japanese translation into "Genre Criteria" section (incl. "Subgenres" section) using "#iflang:" like below?

== Genre Criteria ==
All mainly instrumental works that have 9 or more performers. This genre also includes all purely percussion works regardless of the number of performers.

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=== Subgenres ===
[[:Category:Symphonic Poem|Symphonic Poem]]<br>
[[:Category:Symphonic dance piece|Symphonic dance piece]]<br>
[[:Category:Symphonic piece with soloists|Symphonic piece with soloists]]<br>
[[:Category:Other symphonic pieces|Other symphonic pieces]]<br>
[[:Category:Piece for string section|Piece for string section]]<br>
[[:Category:Piece for wind section|Piece for wind section]]<br>
[[:Category:Piece for percussion|Piece for percussion]]<br>
[[:Category:Other orchestrations (no less than 9 performers)|Other orchestrations (no less than 9 performers)]]
== 分類の基準 ==


=== 下位分類 ===
[[:Category:Symphonic Poem|交響詩]]<br>
[[:Category:Symphonic dance piece|交響的舞曲]]<br>
[[:Category:Symphonic piece with soloists|独奏を伴う交響的作品]]<br>
[[:Category:Other symphonic pieces|その他の交響的作品]]<br>
[[:Category:Piece for string section|弦楽合奏]]<br>
[[:Category:Piece for wind section|管楽合奏]]<br>
[[:Category:Piece for percussion|打楽器作品]]<br>
[[:Category:Other orchestrations (no less than 9 performers)|その他の合奏曲(9人以上)]]

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