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3 items at LoC including big set of waltzes arranged for band Eric 20:58, 6 May 2011 (UTC) (note: at least one of them- the On the Rhine waltzes- may be a potpourri on themes by Kéler rather than a work by Kéler, however. It says arranged for band, and arranged could have another meaning besides the instrumental rearrangement in context. Don't know if there is such a work- of that name, translated- by Kéler; shall attempt to find out...) (hrm. op.138 Vom Rhein zur Donau. ca.1881-- actually, earlier poss., 1860s. Actually, I've heard of that, I do think. the "On the Rhein Waltzes" are from ca.1885. let me see if there's the off-chance of my finding some extract from op.138 to compare, somewhere... I doubt it but...) (ah even better- Am Schönen Rhein opus 83, and there's an LP of it somewhere. So this thing I found -might- be an arrangement of it, not a potpourri of lots of stuff... good.)