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Other works

include: a violin concerto op.27 in D minor (pub.1894 by Paez acc. to HMB. and held by BSB/Bavarian library.) (list to continue I'm sure. Indeed I should probably 'wishlist' that one...) Eric 00:43, 6 February 2011 (UTC) (also Die Herzkrankheit : komische Oper in einem Aufzuge von Julius Jost; Worldcat lists a piano concerto in C minor, op.25, published around 1893 by Carl Paez (D. Charton), too- held by New York Public Library and by Free Lib. Philadelphia.) (also too, a second violin concerto in B minor op.50 published 1909 by Heinrichshofen Verlag. BSB has the piano score of this. - Schissel)