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Born in Provence in 1991, Pierre-Emmanuel began, when he was 3, the violin lessons at the Vivaldi Academy in Grenoble, headmastered by Clotilde Munch, with Yehudi Menuhin as “godfather”. Then at 5 he played his first public concert and took his first master-class with Master Masayuki Kino, Concertmaster of Japan Philharmonic Orchestra. In 1998 he entered the Conservatory in Nice, in V.Bertoni’s class. He was awarded a first prize at “Vatelot concours”, he was 8.

At 11, Pierre-Emmanuel met Ivry Gitlis and participated to his 80th birthday concert celebration, there, he met Richard Schmoucler, a violinist at the “Orchestre de Paris” and Head of the “Sirba-Octet”. In 2003 P-Emmanuel entered the Conservatoire supérieur de Paris-cnr with the jury’s “congratulations” « à l’unanimité ». He went to Japan in order to play in 3 concerts and to get a master-class with Masayuki Kino. Awarded from “Bellan” and “Flame” competitions, he followed master-classes with Teddi Papavrami, Roland Daugareil, Salvatore Accardo and Itzhak Perlman. He got his “prix de violon” from Conservatoire-supérieur-cnr de Paris (graduate, in 2007, diploma in 2008) as well as prizes in Chamber music, Musical Theory and History of Music. At 18 Pierre-Emmanuel was accepted in Post Graduate level with Prof. Maurice Hasson at the Royal Academy of Music in London.

From his childhood, he worked in chamber-music classes, with quatuor Ysaye, Jo Cole and Michael Dussek and in orchestra’s classes with P-M Durand and Jane Glover. He participated to a lot of concerts in France, UK and Japan and played as a soloist and in chamber music in concert-Halls such as Chagall Museum in Nice, the Tchec-center in Paris, the “Nouveau Siècle” in Lille, the Chagall Museum in Hakuba (Japan), Southwark Cathedral, London, Ashover (UK), “La Sorbonne”, “Salle Pleyel” in Paris etc. He played with artists such as: Masayuki Kino, Lukas Klansky, Mami Kino, Sumiko Kurata, Julia Hsu ... He is also at the origin of the Festival-master-class: “Violon en Creuse”, which began in 2007 in Aubusson.

Althought he is a classical musician, Pierre-Emmanuel shows a real attraction for pop and movie musics. Since 2009 he participated as the soloist to adaptation-recordings and to short-film musics creations and recordings, with artists and composers J.Reuben, V.Villani, E.Blunt and J-S Legros.