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While I do believe his brother Joachim wrote some important and lasting works whose revival is deserved, I do not claim anything for these works except, actually, historical interest, documenting, in some cases, the musical detritus of a sad (to choose not the only word I might necessarily use but...) time in my own country’s past. and since one of them, Second Fall of Fort Sumter, appears not to be available anywhere but at LoC, according to Google anyway, it's well to mirror it here I believe under that particular mission of ours... Eric 16:37, 28 March 2011 (UTC)

JK Raff's compositions found in the Music for the Nation collection

There are probably more out there but the search feature doesn't differentiate between Joseph Kaspar Raff and his more prolific and successful brother Joseph Joachim Raff.

Works with opus number

  • Op.15 - The Pearl - 2d Schottisch (Philadelphia: FA North & Co, 1875) Ded: Miss Addie Durphy Owego, NY
  • Op.16 - Always Pleasant - Valse Rondoletto (Philadelphia: WR Smith) Ded: To my pupils Fred and Lewis Owen Owego, NY
  • Op.17 - Fireman's Grand March (WF Shaw, 1877), (Philadelphia: WR Smith, 1873) Ded: Leopold Fuerth Chief Engineer Port Jervis Fire Dept
  • Op.18 - In the Forest - Romance sans paroles (Philadelphia: WR Smith, 1873, Philadelphia: FA North & Co., 1875) Ded: Mrs. Albert Chesebro Jr. of NYC
  • Op.19 - La Favorite - Polka Elegante (NY: Charles W. Harris, 1874) Ded: Francois Sporer Owego, NY
  • Op.20 - The Blue Tassel, Quadrille (Rochester: H. S. Mackie, 1875) Ded: The Blue Tassel Society of Owego, NY
  • Op.21 - Beautiful Thoughts - Caprice Elegante (Philadelphia: WR Smith, 1875) Ded: Miss Carrie Kunkel Port Jervis, NY
  • Op.23 - Imprisoned Songster (Song for Soprano and Tenor, German and English text) (Rochester: Henry S. Mackie, 1877) Ded: Mary Armstrong
  • Op.25 - Wedding Pleasures - Galop Brilliante (NY: Wm A. Pond & Co., 1873) Ded: Mrs. Minnie Keeler Mabee Owego, NY Note: LoC copy of this is missing first page of score. Hope someone else has a copy...
  • Op.26 - The Bridal Eve - Reverie (Philadelphia: FA North & Co., 1880) Ded: Mrs. Emma M? Lincoln Oswego, NY
  • Op.29 - Autumn Song (New York: Wm. A. Pond & Co., 1879)
re opus 20, LoC very probably has a sharper, if in need of deskewing, scan, than Johns Hopkins- will "grab" later... :) Eric 04:21, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

Works without opus number

  • - The Park - Polka Capricioso (Philadelphia: FA North & Co, 1875) Ded: To my pupil Miss mary B. Smtih of Waverly, NJ
  • - He who heav'n and earth is keeping (Boston: Ditson & Co., Oliver, 1875)
  • - Alice Polka (Philadelphia: FA North & Co., 1875) Ded: Miss Alice Durphy Owego, NY
  • - Violets and forget-me-nots (Philadelphia: Smith, W. R., 1875)
  • - Song of the waves valse (Philadelphia: North & Co., F. A., 1879)
  • - Reception grand march (Philadelphia: North & Co., F. A., 1880) actually, this is op.28.
  • - Senator Platt's Grand March (NY: Wm A. Pond & Co., 1881) Ded: Hon. T.C. Platt, Owego, NY US Senator NY