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Birth Date

"On the title-page of his Hortus musicus Reincken gave his birthplace as the Dutch Hanseatic city of Deventer, but no entry in the Deventer church registers has been found to support the date, 27 April 1623, given by Mattheson (1722) for Reincken's birth. The year 1623 does not accord well with other events in Reincken's life, for example his beginning his musical training only in 1650 at the age of 27. A certain ‘Jan Reinse’ was baptized in Deventer on 10 December 1643. This date, too, is problematic, but it is at least consistent with the baptismal records of Adam Reincken's other children in 1639, 1640 and 1641. Reincken's real first name was Jan; the later addition of ‘Adams’ simply indicates, as was traditional in the Netherlands, that he was the son of Adam. Through German usage the double first name came about, and this persisted in later generations. It is by no means certain that the 1643 baptismal register refers to the Reincken who was later organist of the Catherinenkirche in Hamburg (indeed by making him younger by 20 years it raises numerous other questions), but there are various reasons for believing that Reincken belongs to the Buxtehude generation rather than to that of Weckmann and Bernhard" — Source: Grove Music Online (P.davydov 17:09, 22 March 2009 (EDT))