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in 1943 a book by August(in) Scharnagl (b.1914) was published entitled Johann Franz Xaver Sterkel: ein Beitrag zur Musikgeschichte Mainfrankens. Only snippets at Google books etc. but if anyone can obtain a copy it may have things like date information useful to this category- and biography, too. Just guessing. even though it's 68 years old, still... (doctoral thesis apparently, published by W├╝rzburg, K. Triltsch.) Eric 02:42, 22 April 2011 (UTC) -- also interesting? in 2002 was released Johann Franz Xaver Sterkels Briefwechsel mit seinen Verlegern published by Schott, edited by Axel Beer and Dagmar Schnell. (ah no- not letters, a new edition of a work by Sterkel, a mystery play. my mistake)