Complete Works (Spendiarov, Aleksandr)

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10 more: Vol.2. Choruses and arrangements of folk songs (1955) • Vol.3. Instrumental works (1951) • Vol.4. Orchestral works (1953) • Vol.5. Orchestral works (1956) • Vol.6. Orchestral works (1960) • Vol.7. Orchestral works (1962) • Vol.8. Orchestral pieces from 'Almast' (1964) • Vol.9. Arrangements of orchestral works for piano duo (1950) • Vol.10. 'Almast': Vocal score (1971) • Vol.11, Pt.1. 'Almast': Acts I, II (1984)

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Editor Gevorg Budaghyan (1899-1978)
Publisher. Info. Yerevan: Haypethrat, 1943-87.
Misc. Notes Licensed under CC-BY-NC 3.0 by the Armenian National Academy of Sciences.
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General Information

Work Title Complete Collection of Works
Alternative. Title Երկերի լրիվ ժողովածու ; Ստեղծագործությունների լրիվ ժողովածու ; Полное собрание сочинений
Composer Spendiarov, Aleksandr
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 11 volumes (12 books, see below for contents)
First Publication. 1943-87
Composer Time PeriodComp. Period Romantic
Piece Style Romantic
Instrumentation see below, contents

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  • Editor: Gevorg Budaghyan (1899-1978) -- general editor
  • Editorial board: A. Shahverdyan, A.K. Kocharyan, Chr. Kushnaryan, Ts. Poghosyan, K. Sarajev, G. Tigranov, Z. Vardanyan
  • Vol.3 contains works for piano, violin and piano, cello and piano, string quartet and string trio.

English-language Index follows, based upon: Alexander Shahverdian. A. A. Spendiaryan. ed. Robert Atayan, trans. Dewi Williams. Yerevan: Hayastan, 1971. 52-61.

Vol. I, 1943


  • ‘No Question For Many A Day’ (V. Solovyov). 1892.
  • ‘You Are The Bright Sun The Sun Of My Soul’ (anon.) Serenade 1892.
  • ‘Song Of The Drowned Woman’ (A. Podolinsky) 1895.
  • ‘I Don’t Know Why’ (L. May) 1895.
  • ‘The Same Night' (A. Borovikovsky) 1895.
  • ‘Oh, Rose Of My Youth’ (anon, date unknown).
  • ‘And Profound Is Their Love’ (M Lermontov, Heine) Op.1 No 1. 1895.
  • ‘I Have Dreamed Of Your Love’ (S. Nadson) Op.1 No. 2, 1898.
  • ‘Ah, Rose’ (Oriental Melody, A. Tsaturyan) Op.1 No. 3, 1894.
  • ‘Dozing Sweetly And Tenderly’ (S. Nadson) Op.1 No. 4, 1899?
  • ‘Look, Here Is A Ruined Castle’ (S. Broons) Op.5 No. 1 1900.
  • ‘Oriental Lullaby’ (R. Patkanyan) Op.5 No.2 1900.
  • ‘Ah, My Kiss Awaits You’ (A. Maykov) Op.5 No. 3 1901.
  • ‘The Evening Falls Slowly’ (S. Natson) Op.5 No. 4, 1901.
  • ‘A Tatar Song’ (alter Pushkin, folk melody), 1902.
  • ‘The Fisherman And The Fairy’. A Ballad. (M. Gorky) Op.7, 1902.
  • ‘Waiting’. (A. Golenishchev-Kutuzov), 1904.
  • ‘Ozymandias’ (Shelley) Op.11 No. 1, 1904.
  • ‘Oriental Legend’ (S. Marshak) Op.11 No. 2, 1905.
  • ‘To The Moon’ (Shelley) Op.13 No. 1, 1906.
  • ‘Rejoice, O My Heart’ (A. Fet, from Hafiz) Op.13 No. 2, 1906..
  • ‘I See Your Smile’ (A. Fet) Op.13 No. 3, 1908.
  • ‘The Song Of Hafiz’ (A. Fet, from Hafiz) Op.13 No. 4, 1906.
  • ‘Preacher Beda’, Legend (Y. Polonsky) Op.19, 1907.
  • ‘Seramide’, Aria (Teffi) 1909.
  • ‘Al-Zamast’ (Teffi) Op.22 No.1, 1910.
  • ‘Do Not Weep, O Nightingale’ (’Armenian Song', A. Tsaturyan> Op.22 No. 2, 1910.
  • ‘From Hafiz’ (N. Rachinsky) Op.22 No. 3, 1910.
  • ‘Aishe’ (Words and melody by Crimean Tatars) Op.22 No. 4, 1910.
  • ‘Over There, Over There, to the Field of Honor’ (Words by Spendiaryan, based on the epilogue of Kh. Abovyan's novel ’Wounds of Armenia’) Op.24, 1914.
  • ‘Lullaby’ (by Crimean Tatars. Russian words by Spendiaryan) Op.25 No. 1, 1915.
  • ‘Dance Song’ (by Crimean Tatars. Russian words by Spendiaryan) Op.25 No. 2, 1915.
  • ‘Take, O Armenia’ Concert Aria. (H. Hovhannisyan) Op.27, 1915.
  • ‘Take, O My Sweetheart’ (Armenian folk song. Russian words by Spendiaryan) 1916.
  • ‘My Native Land’ (Words and melody by Crimean Tatars. Russian words by Spendiaryan) 1924.
  • ‘Elmas’ (Crimean folk song. Russian words by Spendiaryan) 1924.
  • ‘Your Lips Are Like Mountain Cherries’ (Crimean folk song. Russian words by Spendiaryan) 1924.
  • ‘Gharib Blbul’ (from the songs of Sayat-Nova) 1925.
  • ‘Iago's Song’ (written for Shakespeare’s Othello) 1926.

Vol. II, 1955


Vocal Ensembles, Songs for Choir, Musico-Declamatory Works, Arrangement of Russian and Ukrainian folk Songs.

  • ’Let Us Go Far From Here’ (Yazykov), for soprano, contralto, and piano, 1892.
  • ’The Free Bird’ (A. Pushkin), for S. A. T. B. and piano, Op.6, 1901.


  • ‘Unmown Field’ (N. Nekrasov), for S. A. T. B. and piano, Op.8, 1902.
  • ‘In Memory Of V. V. Stasov’(V. Likhachov), Cantata for S. A. T.B and piano, Op.16, 1907.
  • ‘Glory To The Great Day Of May’ (A. Spendiaryan), for S. A. T. B. and piano, Op.27, 1917. 


  • ’We Shall Rest’. Sonya's monologue from Chekhov’s ‘Uncle Vanya’, with piano accompaniment, Op.21, No. 1, 1910.
  • ‘Edelweiss’. From the play by Gorky, with piano accompaniment, Op.21, No. 2, 1911.


  • ‘There Is A Rock On The Volga’, for tenor, baritone, and piano. Also for three part unaccompanied female choir.
  • ‘Silent Night’.
  • ‘Who Is That Man Still Wifeless?’
  • ‘The Flowers Are Fading’.
  • ‘Oh, My Thick Sharab’.
  • ‘Oh, My Thick Sharab’, with flute accompaniment.
  • ‘Ah, My Dear Mother’.
  • ‘Mother, Sift The Flour’.
  • ‘Oh, My Sanamer, Oh, My Kavorkin’.


  • ‘When I Die’ (‘Legacy’, T. Shevchenko), for unaccompanied four part male voice choir.
  • For voice and piano.
  • ‘If Gales Have Ruined You’.
  • ‘How Shall I Lament?’
  • ‘There Was A Drizzle’.
  • ‘Give Ale Not Light, O Moon’.
  • ‘High Time To Return Home’.
  • ‘If Our Lord Wished’.
  • ‘As Soon As My Love Went To The Mill’.
  • ‘I Have Passed By Your Door’.
  • ‘A Good Day To You, My Beloved’.
  • ‘The Old Grandfather Is Sitting Puzzled’.
  • ‘I Am Coming Across The Fields’.
  • ‘Have I Not Been Waiting For You?’

UKRAINIAN SUITE, 1921 For four part mixed Choir and piano.

    • ’Oh, That Black Cloud Grew Near’.
    • ’That Black Cloud Has Shut Out The Light'.
    • ’Oh, The Nightingale Is Flying'.
    • ’The Spring Came, The Beautiful Spring'.

Vol. III, 1951


For Piano

  • Waltz in E flat minor, 1892.
  • Waltz in E flat major, 1893.
  • Scherzo, 1894.
  • Minuet, Op.3, No. 1, 1895.
  • Barcarole, 1895.
  • Ghaytarma (Prologue and Ghaytarma), 1895.
  • Lullaby, Op.3, No. 2, 1897.
  • Minuet, 1897.
  • 'Brave Warriors’. A march based on Kazakh war songs, Op.26, 1915.
  • Song, Dance, and Ghaytarma, 1917.
  • ‘Erevan Sketches’— ’Enzeli’ and ’Hejaz’, Op.30, 1925.

For Violin and Piano

  • Waltz.
  • Song.
  • Romance, 1892.
  • Lullaby, 1894.
  • Canzonetta, 1896.
  • Ghaytarma (Prologue ana Ghaytarma), Op.9 No. 4, 1903.

For Cello and Piano

  • Romance in G minor, 1893.
  • Romance in F major, 1893.
  • Barcarole in G major, 1894.
  • Barcarole in G minor. 1896. (Same for Piano, No. 5)

For String Trio

  • Scherzo, 1897.
  • Prelude, 1895.
  • Minuet, 1897. (Same for Piano, No. 8)
  • Fugue, 1898.
  • Rondo, 1900.

Vol. IV, 1953


  • Barcarole for Cello and Orchestra. 1894.
  • Variations for Cello and Piano (Vol. Ill, No. 3)
  • Several Romances and Songs of the First Volume with Orchestral Accompaniment
    • ‘O Rose’.
    • ‘Oriental Lullaby’.
    • ‘The Fisherman and the Fairy’.
    • ‘Ozymandias’.
    • ‘Preacher Beda’.
    • ‘Al-Zamast’.
    • ‘There, There To That Field Of Glory’.
    • ‘Lullaby.
    • ‘Dance Song.
    • ‘Take, O Armenia’.
    • ‘Take, O My Sweetheart’.
    • ‘Elmas’.
    • ‘Your. Lips Are Like Mountain Cherries’.
    • ‘Gharib Blbul’.

Vol. V, 1956


Some Works of Vol. II, with Symphonic Accompaniment. Recitation with Symphonic Accompaniment.

  • ‘We Shall Rest’.
  • ‘Edelweiss’.


  • ‘The Bough Of Palestine’ (Lermontov).
  • ‘Unmown Field’, Op.8
  • ‘Ukrainian Suite’.
    • ‘Oh, That Black Cloud Grew Near’.
    • ‘That Black Cloud Has Shut Out The Light’.
    • ‘Oh, The Nightingale Is Flying’.
    • ‘The Spring Came, The Beautiful Spring’.

Vol. VI, 1960


  • Minuet, Op.3 No. 1, 1825 (Piano Version Vol. Ill, No. 4)
  • Lullaby, Op.3 No. 2, 1897 (Piano Version Vol. Ill, No. 7).
  • Ancient Dance, Op.12, 1896
  • Concert Prelude, Op.4, 1900
  • Crimean Sketches. First Series, Op.9, 1903.
    • Dancing
    • Elegy (Version for Voice and Piano Vol. I, No. 16, ‘Tatar Song’)
    • Feast Song
    • Dance ‘Ghaytarma’ (Version for Violin and Piano Vol. Ill, No. 7)
  • ’Three Palms’. Symphonic Poem, Op.10, 1905.
  • Prelude to the ‘Three Palms’

Vol. VII, 1962


  • Concert Waltz, Op.18, 1907.
  • Mourning Prelude (written on the occasion of Rimsky-Korsakov’s death, Op.20, 1908)
  • Crimean Sketches. Second Series, Op.23, 1912.
    • Taksim (Prelude) and Keshref (Intermezzo)
    • Love Song
    • Dance ‘Baghlama’
    • Bride’s Lament
    • Brave Bridegroom (Version for Voice and Piano Vol. I, No. 30 ’Aishe’)
    • Song of the Shepherd
    • Song of the Mouse
    • Dance ‘Hoynava’ and Dance ‘Ghaytarma’
  • ‘Brave Warriors’ March (Piano Version Vol. III)
  • Etude on Hebrew Melodies, 1921
  • Erevan Sketches (Piano Version Vol. III)

Vol. VIII, 1964


  • First Suite from the opera ’Almast’— Persian Shah Nadir and Armenian Prince Tatoul. 1918—1923
    • Persian March
    • Sunset. The Persian’s Prayer
    • Attack
    • Victorious Return of Tatoul
  • Second Suite from ’Almast’—’Feast in Honour of Tatoul’, 1920–1924
    • Feast. Entrance of the Clown
    • Girls’ Dance
    • Men's Dance
    • Almast's Dance
  • ’Betrayal’. Symphonic Poem from Almast

Vol. IX, 1950

  • Composer's Arrangement his Symphonic Works for Two Piano

Vol. X, 1971


  • ‘Almast’. Libretto by S. Parnok based on Toumanyan's poem 'The Siege of Tmbka Castle'. 1918-1928, Translated into Armenian by P. Michaelyan. Piano Score.

Vol. 11, 1984

  • ’Almast’. Full Score.