74 Lute Pieces, US-Ws V.b.280 (Various)



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PDF scanned by Unknown
Stefan Apke (2017/6/16)

Publisher. Info. Manuscript, n.d.(ca.1590).
Misc. Notes According to this description there should be some more pages. If so, fol. 35, 57, 57v, 83 and 83v are missing.
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General Information

Work Title Tablature Book
Alternative. Title
Composer Various
Opus/Catalogue NumberOp./Cat. No. US-Ws V.b.280
I-Catalogue NumberI-Cat. No. None [force assignment]
Movements/SectionsMov'ts/Sec's 74 (or more) pieces:
  1. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.1)
  2. Anonymous: Queen Mary's Dump [fragment] (f.1)
  3. Francis Pilkington: Spanish Pavan [fragment] (f.1v)
  4. Anonymous: Passamezzo Pavan (f.2)
  5. Anonymous: Passamezzo Galliard (f.2)
  6. Anonymous: Almain, first part of duet (f.2v)
  7. Anonymous: Almain, 2nd part of duet (f.2v)
  8. Anonymous: Willson's wilde (f.3)
  9. Anonymous: Untitled (f.3)
  10. J. Johnson: The New Hunt's Up, duet treble (f.3v-4)
  11. Anonymous: The Hunt's Up, duet ground (f.4)
  12. Anonymous: The Earl of Oxford's Galliard [fragment] (f.4v)
  13. Anonymous: Paul's Wharf (f.4v)
  14. Anonymous: Courant (f.4v)
  15. Anonymous: Kemp's Jig/Parliament (f.4v)
  16. Anonymous: Greensleeves, duet treble (f.5)
  17. Anonymous: Greensleeves, duet ground (f.5)
  18. Anonymous: The Earl of Oxford's Galliard (f.5v)
  19. Dowland: Mrs Winter's Jump (f.5v)
  20. Dowland: Round Battle Galliard (f.6)
  21. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.6)
  22. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.6)
  23. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.6)
  24. J. Johnson: The Queen's Dump, duet treble [Bergamasca gr.] (f.6v-7)
  25. J. Johnson: The Queen's Ground, duet ground (f.7)
  26. Anonymous: The Voice of the Earth / The Ghost (f.7v-8)
  27. Anonymous: Lord Zouche's Maske (f.8)
  28. Newman: Pavan (f.8v-9)
  29. Anonymous: The Cobbler (f.9)
  30. Dowland: Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home / Roland, 1st part of duet (f.9v)
  31. Anonymous: Volta (f.9v)
  32. J. Johnson: Flat Pavan, consort part (f.10)
  33. Dowland: BattleGalliard / King of Denmark's Galliard / Mr Mildmay's Galliard (f.10v-11)
  34. Dowland: Lady Laiton's Almain (f.11v)
  35. Dowland: Lavecchia Pavan, 1st part of duet (f.12)
  36. Dowland: Frog Galliard/Now O Now (f.12v)
  37. Dowland: Mounsieur's Almain (f.13)
  38. Dowland: Sir John Smith's Almain (f.13v-14)
  39. Anonymous: French Courant (f.14)
  40. J. Johnson: Delight Pavan, first part of duet (f.14v-15)
  41. Johan Leo Hassler: Mall Sims (f.15v)
  42. Dowland: Earl of Essex's Galliard/Can She Excuse (f.16)
  43. Dowland: Robin is to the Greenwood Gone / Bonny Sweet Robin / Robin Hood (f.16v)
  44. Thomas Robinson: Go From My Window (f.17)
  45. Richard Allison: Sharp Pavan, duet treble (f.17v-18)
  46. Dowland: Lachrimae Pavan (f.18v-19)
  47. Anonymous: Battle Pavan (f.19v-21v)
  48. Anonymous: Courant (f.21v)
  49. Robert Johnson: Galliard, My Lady Mildmay's Delight (f.22)
  50. Dowland: John Dowland, Lady Hunsdon's Puff (f.22v)
  51. Dowland?: What if a Day or a Month or a Year (f.23)
  52. Dowland: Mrs Clifton's Almain (f.23v)
  53. Anonymous: Lord Hay's Courant (f.24v)
  54. Anonymous: Courant (f.24v)
  55. Anonymous: Courant (f.25)
  56. Anonymous: Courant (f.25)
  57. Anonymous: The May Pole / The King's Morris [fragment] (f.35v)
  58. Anonymous: The May Pole / The King's Morris [fragment] (f.57)
  59. Anonymous: Fortune My Foe (f.57v)
  60. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.83v)
  61. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.84v)
  62. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.84v)
  63. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.85v)
  64. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.86)
  65. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.86v)
  66. Dowland?: What if a Day or a Month or a Year (f.87)
  67. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.87)
  68. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.87)
  69. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.87)
  70. Anonymous: [fragment of Dowland's Bells?] (f.87v)
  71. Anonymous: [fragment] (f.87v)
  72. Anonymous: Jamie has lost his Digger (f.87v)
  73. Anonymous: Sellenger's Round / Est-ce Mars / The French Tune (f.87v)
  74. Anonymous: Sellenger's Round / Est-ce Mars / The French Tune (f.87v)
First Publication. 1590 ca.
Piece Style Renaissance
Instrumentation lute
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