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Louis Christophe François Hachette (May 5, 1800 - July 31, 1864) was a French publisher.

He was born at Rethel in the Ardennes département of France. After studying three years at prestigious École Normale Supérieure with the view of becoming a teacher, he was in 1822 on political grounds expelled from the seminary. He then studied law, but in 1826 he established in Paris a publishing business for the issue of works adapted to improve the system of school instruction, or to promote the general culture of the community. He published manuals in various departments of knowledge, dictionaries of modern and ancient languages, educational journals, and French, Latin and Greek classics annotated with great care by the most eminent authorities.

Subsequently to 1850 he, in conjunction with other partners, published a cheap railway library, scientific and miscellaneous libraries, an illustrated library for the young, libraries of ancient literature, of modern foreign literature, and of modern foreign romance, a series of guide-books and a series of dictionaries of universal reference. In 1855 he also founded Le Journal pour tous, a publication with a circulation of 150,000 weekly.

Hachette also manifested great interest in the formation of mutual friendly societies among the working classes, in the establishment of benevolent institutions, and in other questions relating to the amelioration of the poor, on which subjects he wrote various pamphlets; and he lent the weight of his influence towards a just settlement of the question of international literary copyright.

The company L. Hachette et Compagnie is founded on 1846 January 1. Emile Littré signs a contract with Louis Hachette to publish a dictionary, the first volumes of which appear in 1863. 1852 signs Louis Hachette a concession contract with seven railway companies to create station bookstalls that sell travel guides, such as the Guides Joanne, and novels by such authors as Charles Dickens, Gérard de Nerval and George Sand, along with works from the children’s series Bibliothèque rose, including those by La Comtesse de Ségur. Louis Hachette passes away on 1864. Hachette acquires Hetzel, the publisher of Jules Verne. 1919 Hachette et Cie becomes Librairie Hachette.


Imprints, Addresses, Agencies


  • Brédif (1826-1845)
  • Hachette & Cie. (1846–1919)
  • Librairie Hachette (1919-1976)
  • Hachette, SA (1977-1981)


  • Paris, 79 Bd St. Germain

Plate Numbers

Hachette's plate numbers were issued in a regular chronological fashion. Plate numbers are in the format of H. ### & Cie.. Dates in italics are estimated.

Plate Composer Work Year
Moreau Athalie 1873
Moreau Cantiques spirituels 1873
Moreau Esther 1873
Koechlin 2 Villanelles, Op.21 1905
0135 Koechlin 5 Mélodies, Op.5 No. 4 1905
0174 Clérice Printania 1900
0183 Decq Meeting d'oiseaux n.d.
0238 Schmitt Les barques, Op.8 1898
0265 Koechlin 5 Mélodies, Op.5 No. 3 1905
0266 Koechlin 5 Mélodies, Op.5 No. 5 1898
0387 Coindreau Méharis 1900
0411 Benoit Chemin faisant, Op.78 1907
0443 Koechlin Les clairs de lune, Op.9 1905
0534 Auvray Zim! boum!, Op.137 (arr. piano) 1901
0536 Auvray Humour, Op.135 (arr. piano) 1901
0543 Auvray Snobs, Op.118 (arr. piano) 1901
0545 Auvray Amaranthe, Op.136 (arr. piano) 1901
0564 Dupont Monsieur Destin 1901
0577 Anthiome Chanson norwégienne 1898
0579 Clérice Le poignard 1901
0616 Levadé Chansons du Quercy 1903
0643 Landry Marche des Aiglons (orig. vers. for pf.) 1901
0685 Clérice Ronde des p'tites femmes 1901
0692 Clérice American March 1901
0746-48 Koechlin 3 Mélodies, Op.17 1902
0831 Clérice Voilà les pantins! 1902
0888 Clérice Billet doux 1902
0889-900 Vierne 2 Pieces for Piano, Op.7 1902
0903 Clérice Rosée du coeur! 1902
01135 Barbot Les doigts de fée, Op.96 (reprint) 1907
01166 Decq Les visions de Marguerite, Op.76 1907
01236 Beaumercy Valse czardas, Op.112 1902
01278 Decq Little-duck, Op.57 (pf. solo) 1907
01279 Decq Little-duck, Op.57 (pf. 4 hands) 1907
01282 Croisez Le voyage d'une hirondelle (pf. 4 hands) 1907
01318 Decq Vocalises d'oiseaux, Op.90 n.d.
01410 Croisez Le voyage d'une hirondelle (pf. solo) 1907
01427 Decq Quand même, Op.72 (pf. solo) 1907
01476 Decq Quand même, Op.72 (pf. 4 hands) 1907
01618 Croisez Le voyage d'une hirondelle (pf. 6 hands) 1907
01657 Decq Dans les sentiers 1907
01661 Croisez Le grand veneur 1907
01715 Clérice Parisian-niggers 1903
01788⁵ Biene The Broken Melody 1902
01969 Beaumercy Amourette, Op.110 1904
02213 Clérice Ping-Pong 1905
02215 Clérice Mensonges 1905
02216 Clérice Guitares amoureuses 1905
02238 Clérice Les Robinsonnes (vocal score) 1905
02488 Ménil Kuŝas somero 1908
02489 Ménil Mi aŭdas vin 1908
02707 Ménil La kanto de l'cigno 1907
02876 Clérice L'Espérantelle 1907

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