IMSLP:Music Publishers/Editions

This page is designed to create consistency in the layout and content of Editions Pages.



The name of the edition should be in the format: Short form of edition name (Composer's name as appears on composer page).
For example, "Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe (Bach, Johann Sebastian). The new page should be created using the "Add a piece to this page" link from the composer's category page. In the "General Information" section of the work page, give the official name of the publication in the original languages (e.g. Ludwig van Beethovens Werke: Vollständige, kritisch durchgesehene überall berechtigte Ausgabe) in the space for "Work Title". Titles or sub-titles in other languages can be given in the space for "Alternative Title". Add the following line anywhere in the General Information section of the page:

|Page Type=Collection
The remaining information, as set out below, should all be added at the very end of the page, below the line which reads
*****END OF TEMPLATE***** }}

The major headings should be (level 2): Editors, Publishers, Template (when applicable) and Contents (when applicable).


Editors should be listed (bullets) in alphabetical order by surname, linked using the LinkEd template. Dates should be provided. The editorial contributions need not be specified here, except for "general editor," et al.


Include the publisher in the same format as on a work page, with a range of dates and plate numbers if possible. Also include all full reprint editions of the collection in the same format.


If there is a template for the "publisher" field for the edition, present the template in the way in which it would appear in code, with a link to the template name. For the individual fields, put the applicable headings.


The divisions of the edition should correspond to progressively smaller headings. All names of works on the page should be as listed in the index or equivalent of the edition, including linguistic idiosyncrasies. Only link works to their corresponding pages if this specific edition is on IMSLP.

At the very end of the page, include the line [[Category:Editions|category]], which will place the page into the Editions category.