Help:Page deletion

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For security reasons, users cannot delete pages by themselves. If a page needs to be deleted, users can request the deletion as described below. Please do not blank pages without requesting deletion, as such pages will still be treated as existing and indexed by search engines etc.

When (not) to delete a page

As a general rule, if the content of a page "A" has been moved to a different page "B", then the page "A" should not be deleted, but instead it should be made into a redirect to page "B". This is because there might be links on other websites pointing to page "A", which would break if the page was deleted.

Exceptions to this rule are:

  • If the page "A" was newly created, so that it seems unlikely that any links to it exist, it can be deleted. If the page has been existing for several days, then it should not be deleted.
  • Pages that are unlikely to be linked from other sites, e.g. Help: pages which are intended only for internal use in IMSLP, can be deleted.

If on the other hand the content of a page is no longer available (e.g. due to copyright issues), or if a page has no content in the first place (e.g. empty composer or work pages), then the page should be deleted. There should be no empty pages on IMSLP.

Requesting deletion

Simply edit the page you want to delete and add


at the top of it, replacing REASON with the actual reason. When you save the page, please make sure that the box with the deletion request appears at the top of the page.

An admin will check the request and delete the page if appropriate.