Help:Tutorial/Page editing

This page explains the basics of editing pages on IMSLP.

Basic formatting

Here is an overview of the basic formatting markup that you may need on IMSLP:

You type You get
''italic'' italic
'''bold''' bold
== Heading ==


=== Subheading ===


* list item
  • list item
# numbered list item
  1. numbered list item

Note that headings and list items must be at the beginning of a line. Don't put spaces at the beginning of a line, or you might get unexpected results. An empty line will start a new paragraph of text.


Internal: Enclose the title of a page in double square brackets to create a link to it: [[Main Page]] gives Main Page. You can also change the link text: [[Main Page|Home]] gives Home.

Wikipedia: The prefix wikipedia: allows you to link to any Wikipedia page with the same syntax as for internal links: [[wikipedia:Minuet|Minuet]] gives Minuet. Add the language prefix if you want to link to non-English articles: [[wikipedia:de:Menuett|Menuett]] gives Menuett.

Other external links: Use single square brackets around the full URL, and separate the link text by a space: [ CPDL] gives CPDL.

Editing Composer and Work Pages

Composer and work pages are formatted with so-called templates. These are generated automatically by the page creation forms, so all you need to know is how to change or add some information to an existing page. The information is stored in lines of the form


The label must not be changed.

Suppose for example you wanted to add information about the editor of a given score. In the edit window, look for a line that begins with |Editor=, and add the information behind the equal sign on the same line. If creating headings for different versions of a piece (full score, etc.), please use a subheading (three equals signs on each side).