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Booklet printing with Adobe Acrobat Reader without its additional margins

The "fit to printable area" feature causes a slight size reduction. But you can make your own booklet file and print it without this option.

Prerequisites: 1: MiKTeX distribution. 2: An A3, double-side printer. Tested under Windows XP and Window 8.

  1. convert the score to PostScript format typing: pdf2ps yourscore.pdf
  2. the imposition step: type: pstops -pa3 -b "4:-3L@1(29.7cm,0)+0L@1(29.7cm,21cm),1L@1(29.7cm,0)+-2L@1(29.7cm,21cm)"
  3. convert the result back to pdf typing: ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE#a3 bigscore.pdf
  4. open the pdf with Acrobat Reader. Rotate it if necessary.
  5. print it in A3, landscape, double-side, flip on short edge, page scaling: none
  6. delete the huge .ps files when done

Potential failures (but read the "Alternative" paragraph):

  1. depending on the program that produced the original pdf:
    1. the pdf2ps step may fail. Try a method for Locked PDFs
    2. this step may add empty pages, defeating the purpose of a booklet or large, unnecessary margins. Watch the result at step 4.
  2. if the original score already has large, unnecessary margins the process won't improve the situation.

The batch of A3 sheets produced by the printing step still requires some work from your part to order the pages:

  1. place the batch on a table, first page up (p.1 should be right of first sheet)
  2. take the upper sheet in your left hand
  3. take the bottom sheet of the remaining batch with your right hand, turn it upside down - but don't rotate it in the horizontal plan - and place it under the sheet in your left hand
  4. take the upper sheet of the remaining batch - without turning it - and place it under the first two sheets in your left hand
  5. go back to step 3 as long as there is a remaining batch
  6. fold the batch in half and check the page succession is correct. Page numbers in the score are helpful!

Putting staples on the batch will be another discussion! :-)

Making a booklet with Imagemagick and pdftk

Step 1: Converting the pdf to a series of tif images:

  • split the pdf into single pages with pdftk, typing pdftk your score.pdf burst output p%%1d.pdf or convert it to pbm pages with pdfimages
  • convert all pdf or pbm pages to tif with Imagemagick, supplying the right density. You might want to take this opportunity to reduce the margins, clean some pages etc.
  • If the number of pages is not a multiple of 4 create a blank page for the procedure to work correctly, because it creates a double-side A3 page with 4 pages. Name it blank.tif.

Step 2: Building the booklet
Copy these lines into a file named mybooklet.bat:
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion
rem first let us make the number of pages a multiple of 4:
set/a reste = "%1 - 4*(%1/4)"
set/a next1 = "%1 + 1"
set/a next2 = "%1 + 2"
set/a next3 = "%1 + 3"
if %reste% equ 3 (
call copy blank.tif p%next1%.tif
set/a nbpages = "%1 + 1")
if %reste% equ 2 (
call copy blank.tif p%next1%.tif
call copy blank.tif p%next2%.tif
set/a nbpages = "%1 + 2")
if %reste% equ 1 (
call copy blank.tif p%next1%.tif
call copy blank.tif p%next2%.tif
call copy blank.tif p%next3%.tif
set/a nbpages = "%1 + 3")
if %reste% equ 0 set /a nbpages = "%1
set/a limite = "%nbpages%/2"
rem making odd A3 pages:
for /L %%a in (1, 2, %limite%) do (
set/a ileft = "%nbpages% + 1 - %%a"
magick p!ileft!.tif p%%a.tif +append q%%a.tif
magick q%%a.tif -density %%[fx:w/16.52] q%%a.pdf)
rem making even A3 pages:
for /L %%a in (2, 2, %limite%) do
( set/a iright = "%nbpages% + 1 - %%a"
magick p%%a.tif p!iright!.tif +append q%%a.tif
magick q%%a.tif -density %%[fx:w/16.52] q%%a.pdf)
rem making the command line to append all pdf's with pdftk:
set myorder=pdftk
for /l %%a in (1, 1, %limite%) do (
call set myorder=%%myorder%% q%%a.pdf)
set myorder=%myorder% output mybooklet.pdf
call echo %myorder% > makebooklet.bat
call makebooklet.bat
start " " mybooklet.pdf

When done, type mybooklet <number of pages>

Booklet printing with Foxit

Couldn't find a method that doesn't reduce like Adobe Acrobat Reader. Help welcome!

Tracker-software products.

It seems pdf-XChange Viewer is able to do the margin cropping, deskewing, page insersion/deletion, booklet etc jobs. www.tracker-software Is anybody capable to write a page explaining its features?