This page is the entry page for the new IMSLP API. In addition to this API, IMSLP also has an old API system documented on this page in addition to the general Mediawiki API. The new IMSLP API is intended as a simple yet comprehensive replacement for reading and processing the wiki: it contains the vast majority of information present on the wiki in an already-processed form.

Current API Version: 8 (updated Oct. 7, 2012)

API Documentation

API documentation can now be accessed through a special page for API account holders. The syntax is as follows:<account name>

Please visit this page for instructions on obtaining an API account.


Please visit this page to see examples of the API data.

Return Formats

All return values are serialized using the specified return format. Supported return formats include JSON, PHP (the serialize() function), and WDDX.

Open Worklist API

A subset of the API information is freely accessible, namely, a list of composers and works present on IMSLP. You can access this list using the following two URLs:

List of people (composers, performers, editors, etc.):<pretty|json|php|wddx>
List of works:<pretty|json|php|wddx>

You can page through the list by changing the start value (this is the entry # that the results start from).