This backup system is still in construction, so there may very well be problems in some part of it.

Update: The first (supposedly) technically working torrent is up, and can be downloaded here. Update 2: Due to previously unforeseen reasons this torrent is NOT working. I will try to find a tracker where I can actually control the torrent files after upload, and make a torrent that actually works (which is proving very hard right now).

Current Status

I do have a torrent for backup that you can obtain here, but unfortunately it seems to be broken. ...or maybe not (see below). If you can figure out what is wrong with it, it's all yours :) (And do leave me a message on my talk page so that I can fix it for everyone.)

Technical Details: The torrent has a purposefully bogus announce URL, and relies on the Getright webseeding specification. So technically it should work with any client that implements DHT and the multi-file Getright webseeding specification, but either neither Mainline, Azureus (see below) or uTorrent has multifile webseeding support, or the torrent file is broken. I'm trying to figure out which, though I would very much appreciate it if someone could help me with this.

Update: The torrent seems to work in Vuze (formerly Azureus). There is however a bug that prevents it from working out of the box. As a workaround, under Tools > Options > Queue > Seeding, uncheck "Disconnect seeds when seeding". After that, the torrent should work (including webseeding).