This is a paid IMSLP project to add a large collection of recordings to IMSLP. The main project page is Special:BnFRecordingsMatching.

Project Procedure

An IMSLP user account is needed. Other notes:

  • The project page should be relatively self-explanatory. Basically, you select tracks and then match them to a work page. There are two types of albums - recent CDs from Naxos and historical recordings from BnF (the type is indicated at the end of the title). The pay is slightly higher for BnF given it is a little harder to match BnF items.
  • All tracks in an album relevant to a match should be selected, i.e. if there's a piece with 4 movements, you should select them all in a single match instead of matching one track at a time. Same goes for no-matches (no-matches can be selected together).
  • The pay is US$0.30 for a full BnF match (composer & work), $0.20 for a full Naxos match, and $0.10 for a composer-only match. Once you get familiar with the process you should be able to get US$15-20 per hour on average. The key is to use the autocomplete on the composer/work fields as much as possible, with maybe a few Google queries to check French translations of stuff for the BnF items.
  • There are many BnF items that are basically a random collection of non-classical songs or other stuff that is clearly not public domain or present on IMSLP. Those should be a quick no-match once you get used to seeing them.

Please contact with your resume if interested.


We will pay if you send us an invoice and have accrued more than $500 unpaid or the invoice is the last invoice. An invoice template can be found here.