This page lists user-noticeable changes to the code from one IMSLP version to the next. Not all code changes are listed here because not all of them are very user-noticeable (this includes backend bug fixes).

Current Versions

1.2.4 (10 August 2009)

Normal Users

  1. FEAT: Better usage of Sibley page info by the SibleyUpload special page, including multiple editors and editor type.
  2. MISC: Updated SibleyUpload special page to work with new Sibley website.

1.2.3 (6 August 2009)

Normal Users

  1. BUG: Fixed broken file submission when page contains the |NCRecordings= variable.
  2. MISC: Removed separator type on the add file page since it is useless now.

1.2.2 and (2 August 2009)

Normal Users

  1. FEAT: Added "Key", "Average Duration" and "First Performance" fields to the Add Work special page.
  2. BUG: Fixed sibley:// pURL either not accepting certain filenames or refusing to download the file, due to a slightly strange file naming convention on Sibley's website.
  3. BUG: Fixed bug that was blocking MUS and SIB file uploads.
  4. BUG: Fixed missing Donate button in sidebar.
  5. BUG: Fixed non-invalidation of page cache for anonymous users beyond the set length (3 days).
  6. BUG: Empty ratings on new file version upload.

1.2.1 (25 July 2009)

Normal Users

  1. FEAT: New fcp:// pURL batch upload page for uploading an entire folder of files on the FTP server.


  1. MISC: Reverted CR list length to 50 items.
  2. MISC: Changed "Find CR Tags" sidebar link to nq/nq/-.

1.2 (22 July 2009)

Normal Users

  1. FEAT: New fcp:// pURL for uploading from the IMSLP FTP server.
  2. MISC: Much faster page diff. Also fixes DoS due to large page change on the Brahms work list.


  1. BUG: Fixed CR tagging of file "Removed" on deletion.

Old Versions (pre-1.2)

0.8 - 1.1.1 (21 July 2009)

Main changes include upgrading to Mediawiki 1.15 (1.0), the re-merging of IMDBP (0.9), the use of Fast Template Expansion (FTE) templates for composer, work pages and file entries (0.8). Also included is the sibley:// pURL, and the corresponding batch-upload page (0.9).


Main changes include Urtext tagging within the tagging system itself, and the addition of test links to Amazon and SheetMusicPlus (the SMP part is currently disabled because their search function is too horrifically designed to implement yet). Again, please do tell me if anything has gone wrong (this is again a rather extensive update). In fact, I think I hate the colour of the links already (do suggest a better RGB colour if you know of one; I'm horrible with colours).


Major changes in this version include the new file template skin, mostly backend improvements to file submission and copyright reviewing. The change for this version is rather extensive, so please report any abnormalities or bugs to me :)


  1. Full support for multi-file template framework.
    1. Note that the actual multi-file template skin has not been implemented yet (the current skin is an ugly hack off of the last template, as you can see), but it will be in the next update. This does not affect the usage of the multi-file template, and the use of it is very encouraged.
    2. The major change for the multi-file template is the use of numbers following the three entries: "File Name" => "File Name 1", "File Description" => "File Description 1", "Page Count" => "Page Count 1".
    3. Just add entries with incremented numbers to add a file to the template.
    4. I will be writing a full manual on this template soon.
  2. Combined 4-in-1 file submitter, with full support of the multi-file template. This may introduce many bugs despite my testing since it is a huge change, so please do report them when you meet them :)
  3. A composer moving feature: Special:IMSLPMoveComposer
  4. Additional categories to the copyright reviewer. This is currently mostly for mirroring purposes; please still use the wiki tags where applicable.
  5. Additional entries in the composer template.
  6. A ton of small tweaks and bug fixes.