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Miscellany of printed harp parts ca.1800
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Status Composer Work Title Link
Done J. B. Mayer Complete Instructions for the Harp... To which is added Principles of Thorough Bass. (London, (1800?) )
Done J. E. Weippert A second book of progressive lesson's for the Pedal Harp... Op. 13. (London, (180?) )
J. E. Weippert et al A Collection of Pedal Harp music...Op.20. (London, (1805))
Done J. L. Dussek Dussek's celebrated Duet for the Harp & Piano-Forte...Op. 38. (London, (1798?)) (Incomplete - harp part only)
Done Ph. J. Hinner Four Duets for two Harps Op.10. (London, (c.1800)) (Incomplete - 1st harp part only)
Done D. Steibelt A me tutte le belle, a favorite Rondo for the Harp & Pianoforte... (London, (1797)) (Incomplete - harp part only)
Done M. P. Dalvimare Four Favorite Airs, arranged with variations for the Harp. (London, (1810?))
Done J. E. Weippert A favorite Sonata for the Pedal Harp, in which is introduced La Pipe de Tabac with variations... Op. 18. (London, (180?) )
- Mr. Casimir A March, La Georgette & La Frevée, two Waltzes for the Harp. (London, (c.1810))
Done G. Adams Merrily Danc'd the Quaker's Wife. A favorite Rondo for the Harp... (London, (180?))
Done J. E. Weippert Oh Mein Liebster Augustin. A German Air with variations for the Pedal Harp or Piano Forte...(London, (180?))
Done Sophia Dussek Four favorite Airs arranged for the Harp. Book 4th. (London, (1815?))
Done Sophia Dussek Three favorite Airs with variations for the Harp. Book 1. (London, (1815?))
J. B. Krumpholtz Andante du celébré Haydn, arrangé pour la Harp avec accompagnemet de Violon ad libitum. (London, (c.1800)) (Incomplete - harp part only)
Done Th. Budd Duncan Grey with variations for the Harp. (Budd's Rondos). (London, (c.1800))
Done J.-B. Cardon Ah vous dirai je Maman. A favorite French Air with variations for the Harp, composed by Cardon, fils. (London, (180?))