IMSLP:Community Projects/Orchestra Parts Project/Manual of Style

To upload follow the instructions on the "FTP" upload page (linked to on each work page). Be sure to set it to "normal scan," and add {{OrchPartsProj}} to "Miscellaneous Notes." Reorder the files in score order and remove any parts that have been uploaded (i.e. we don't need many more cello parts).

When done uploading you need to add in the pre-uploaded parts to the current parts section - the hard part. Change the numbering so that it appears in score order.

Instrument Descriptions

Add file descriptions that accurately reflect the parts - Flute 1/2, 3; Flute 1, 2, Piccolo; Flute 1/2, Piccolo; and Flute 1, 2 (doubles as Piccolo) all mean different things. For the case where 2 or more instruments share the same actual part (as is often found in French publications) the parts are separated by a slash (example: Flute 1/2 means that both the first and second flutes are reading form the same part. Often the part will be laid out in systems of 2-staves, but other times both can appear on a single staff). Doublings are spelled out. For transposing instruments add all of the keys that are used.

For Strings: Violins I and Violins II, Violas, Basses (all cello parts already uploaded). Note that all other instruments are singular no matter what.

It's best described by examples:

  • Flute 1, 2 => First flute part followed by the second flute part in the same file.
  • Flute 1 / 2, 3 => First and second flutes parts together followed by the third flute part in the same file.
  • Flute 1, 2 (doubles Piccolo) => Flutes 1 and 2 in the same file where flute 2 doubles piccolo.
  • Horn 1, 2 (A, G), 3, 4 (E, D) => Four separate horn parts in the same file where horns 1 and 2 are in A and G and horns 3 and 4 are in E and D.

Page Counts

For page numbers, do total (part 1, part 2, etc.) (i.e. 16 (8, 8)). For certain parts, it's important to designate the actual numbering so that the parts can be printed to account for page turns. Thus a seven-page part for Violin I which starts on number 2 (allowing the first 2 pages to appear as a 2-page spread) would be notated "pages=7 (#2-8)". If this situation is present in woodwind, brass, or percussion or keyboard parts (where there is normally only a single player covering a given part), the initial total page count of the file can be dropped. Thus, 2 Clarinet parts of four-pages each, numbered as 2-3-4-5, should appear as "pages=8(4 (#2-5), 4 (#2-5))".


You've uploaded the parts for a piece. The cello part is already there. In total, there are 13 parts.

Thus, you need to change



|Uploader 12=[[User:Generoso|generoso]]

(The piece has no instruments between Cello and bass ;)


|Date Submitted=Today
|Date Submitted=Sometime in the past


|Date Submitted=Today
|Date Submitted 12=Sometime in the past

Please keep track of uploads on List of Orchestra or Band Pieces with Parts Available. It is an indispensable tool for librarians. For further information, contact User:Carolus, User:Horndude77 or User:Perlnerd666