IMSLP:Composer Template

This page is intended as a manual on how to edit a personal template (these apply to composers, editors, arrangers, writers, or performers).

Each argument passed to the template is in the form of |<name>=<value>. You may add a line if a line with such a <name> does not exist.

Please consult this page to decide on the correct form of a composer name.

Note that all of the fields here must be edited on the person's page, not changed on this page.


Birth/Death Dates

|Born Year=<year>|Born Month=<month>|Born Day=<day>
|Died Year=<year>|Died Month=<month>|Died Day=<day>

These are rather self-explanatory. Note that only numbers are accepted. Year must be four digits.

For composers with ambiguous birth/death dates that cannot be expressed by the above method, or for people who lived before AD 1000, you should use these arguments:

|Birth Date=<date (may include characters)>
|Death Date=<date (may include characters)>

Note that the use of these arguments will override the ones above, so there is no need to delete the default items above. Also, the use of these arguments will abort the workpage autotagger for all pages in the composer category. Do not use this just to abort the autotagger, use the <!--noautotag--> construct described on the autotagger manual page instead.


|Nationality=[Country] (leave out brackets)

“Country” must be given in the adjectival form — for instance, “Polish” or “French”, rather than “Poland” or “France”.
For a complete list of valid nationalities, please see Category:People by nationality. If you would like to add a nationality not already present, you can ask for it to be created on the “Moderator Request” section of the forums.

A person with multiple nationalities can have up to four of these listed:

|Nationality=[1st Country]
|Nationality 2=[2nd Country]
|Nationality 3=[3rd Country]
|Nationality 4=[4th Country]

Other Basic Information

|Time Period=<category name>

This must be one of the categories listed on the time period browsing page: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Early 20th century, and Modern.

|Alternate Names=<list>

This argument takes a comma-separated list of alternate names for the composer. The point of this mostly so that people can find the composer by searching in the sidebar even if the composer is spelled differently on IMSLP. Other language versions of the composer’s name are very welcome here.

Work Lists

|List Pages=<list format>

The list format is the standard wiki list; namely several lines starting with a star (*). Example:

* [[Item 1]]
* [[Item 2]]

|External List Pages=<list format>

This does not use the same format as the above. Rather, it takes a comma-separated list of links to external sites. See the first entry in the section External Linking below for the proper way to link to Wikipedia.

External Linking

|Biography Link=<link (use wiki link format)>

Usually this will be a link to Wikipedia, and such is encouraged if the article exists on Wikipedia. The linking format for Wikipedia is [[wikipedia:<article name>|Wikipedia]] for the main English wikipedia, or [[wikipedia:<cc>:<article name>|Wikipedia]] for other nationalities (where “cc” is the appropriate ISO 639 2-letter language code). Do not start an encyclopedic article on a composer on IMSLP if starting it on Wikipedia is possible.

|Recordings=<link (use wiki link format)>

This argument is for linking to external recordings sites. If linking to the Piano Society , see the corresponding project page. Links to multiple sites are welcome here; just simply separate them with a comma.

Picture Related


This replaces the default “No Composer Photo Available” thumbnail. The image name is the name of a file already uploaded onto IMSLP via the “Upload File” function in the sidebar.

|Picture Caption=<string>

This is the text shown on mouse-over for the image (used to have a more prominent position).

|Signature=<image name>

This just shows a thumbnail of the person’s signature below their main picture. The image name is the same deal as with the main picture.

Performer Related

|Instrument=<instrument names>
|Website=<personal website>

Performers who have contributed recordings to IMSLP should indicate their main instrument(s), and may specify an external link to a website – these two items appear much more prominently in the template than the other options for providing external web links.


|IMSLP Contributor=<username>

Provides a standardised link to an IMSLP contributor’s userpage. This does not require the username to be prefaced by the Wiki formatting of “User:” – only the person’s username is required.

|Extra Information=<anything (list format preferred)>

Anything here really. List format is preferred here so that multiple pieces of information can fit here.


Please see the Intersect template for usage instructions. Deprecated owing to having been superceded by the category walker.

|CPDL Link=<link>

This is deprecated since IMSLP v0.4, because there is no reason to have an argument specifically for CPDL. This is especially since IMSLP discourages external linking to scores (as opposed to just submitting them). Currently this argument is just left alone and not used in the template.