IMSLP:Mirror Speed Test


In connection with IMSLP's 10th anniversary, two new mirror servers and a new download speed test feature was introduced. The purpose of the speed test is to ensure a user is downloading from the mirror server that is the fastest for that user. All registered users may use this feature, a subscription is not required.


1. To start the speed test and optimize your download speed, please log in if you have not already, and click the "Speed test" link in the upper right corner:


2. You should then see the test window pop up. For optimal results, please do not use your computer while the test is running. Please note that the test will use up to 30MB of download bandwidth on your internet connection.


3. Once the test finishes, you will see a summary of the results. The mirror at the top of the list is the fastest mirror and will be your main download mirror if you click "Save".