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If you can't find the scores you are looking for in the IMSLP library, you can try your luck at the sites listed below. If you wish, you may import any interesting public domain scores you find into IMSLP. Visit the Contributor Portal to find out how.

Website lists and guides

Universities and Libraries

Complete online edition of the Neue Mozart Ausgabe (New Mozart Complete Edition)!
Large collection of Schubert autographs. Watermarked.
Grieg scores (Manuscripts)
Fast-growing collection of scores, among which several Gesamtausgaben (Handel, Liszt, Mendelssohn).
Instrumental music for the Dresdener Hofkapelle (Quantz, Telemann, Graun)
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Juilliard Manuscript Collection - flash

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Sheet Music Projects

Original Typeset Sheet Music Providers

Original Scanned Music Providers

Secondary Collections

Not yet ordened

Commercial providers of public domain music

Other resources

Monthly publication 1829-1900 giving details of publisher issues of over 330,000 titles.

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