IMSLP:Performers Portal


How to Submit Recordings as a Performer

Method #1

This is the simplest method. Just follow the instructions for submitting scores, except using the 'Add Recording' link. This link can be found under the "Add File" menu at the upper right corner of the work page.

Method #2 (Preferred for performers submitting their own works)

If you would like to have a performer page (like a composer page) and automatically list all of your submissions under that page, follow these steps:

  1. Create a performer page by following the "Add performer" link on the Performers category page. Please note that this is not necessary if a composer page for the same person already exists. (In that case, simply use Method #1. A composer category can also act as a performer category.)
  2. Associate the new performer page with your user account by clicking the "Associate this performer category" link.
  3. Follow the instructions in Method #1 above, and every submission you make will automatically be listed the performer pages associated with your account. Note that, if you have performer associations, you do not need to fill out the "Performers" field unless there are performers or other information not included in the performer associations.
To remove an association

To remove an association with your account, simply click "Remove association to this performer category" link. It will not affect submissions prior to removal, but future submissions will no longer be associated with the performer category.

Recording Policy

This is the official recording policy for the International Music Score Library Project.

1. All recordings except computer realizations are acceptable. All computer realizations are not acceptable, subject to the exceptions in Sections 2, 3 and 4. For our purposes, the following items are not considered computer realizations:
A. A recording that involves electronically splicing together acoustic tracks is acceptable.
B. A recording of an electronic instrument (e.g. electronic piano) played by a real person is acceptable.
2. Exceptions for new compositions.
A. If the work is a new composition that has never been recorded, computer realizations are acceptable.
B. If the work requires synthesized audio, a synthetic realization is acceptable.
C. The item must be submitted under the "Synthesized/MIDI" tab.
3. Exception for very high quality computer realizations.
A. A computer realization is acceptable if it is not made by any normal notation software (e.g. all forms of MIDI; Finale, Sibelius, etc), and
B. There is clear evidence that extraordinary effort has gone into making the recording a very high quality realization of the underlying work.
C. The item must be submitted under the "Synthesized/MIDI" tab.
4. Exception for MIDI files.
A. MIDI (.MID) file versions of works are acceptable, provided they are of new compositions or arrangements uploaded with the corresponding scores. MIDI files of standard-repertoire items like Beethoven symphonies are not allowed.
B. The item must be submitted under the "Synthesized/MIDI" tab.