IMSLP:Red Links Project

The Red Links Project intends to link every person to a profile. This is important for both library and copyright reasons. IMSLP currently only accepts submissions where all contributors are properly linked, but there are many older submissions which need to be brought in line with the site's organizational standards in order to be properly machine-readable.


Our goal

We need every person (arranger, librettist, etc.) to be linked to a profile.


  • (IN PROGRESS) Phase 1. We have a list of over 10,000 people who are linked from a page, but whose profiles do not exist. See the links below for list pages. Each person category is listed, along with a link to the pages that link there (which you should look at in order to see who the person is, if birth/death dates are included there, get a general gist of their time period, etc.). As progress occurs, links will turn from red to blue. Our goal is to Each of these people tends to fall into one of three categories:
    • (Most common) Real, individual people, who do not have a page yet. For each of these pages, we need to add a person page. Please add a page with the standard biographical information (as much as possible): birth/death dates, nationality, sex (you can usually determine by name), time period, biography link if applicable. Many of these people are obscure, so you may not be able to get all the information. That's OK. Death date is what is most important for copyright reasons. If you cannot find a person from the 1700s, it doesn't matter. If you find a person who seems to be from the 20th century and whose death date is unknown, please add {{RLPRecent}} to their person page when you create it; this will allow us to track this subcategory of people
    • People who already have a profile and who are linked under an alternate name, e.g., "Stephens, George H." instead of "Stephens, George Henry" (fictitious example). In this case, please correct the work pages by linking to the person's established name, and redirect the alternate name to the person's main category page.
    • Typos. Please fix typos on the work pages that link to them. Then please just create the category page with the contents {{RLPTypo}} and it will be removed from the list.
  • (FUTURE) Phase 2. A list will be presented in the future of people who are improperly linked on pages (i.e., not using a contributor link template as appropriate), and pages where these links need to be fixed, along with potential suggestions as to links to existing profiles, etc. The details of this list will be announced when it is produced in the future.

Project Members

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List pages (Phase 1)