IMSLP:Sibley Mirroring Project:Walkthrough


Step 1

Choose a random work to submit by visiting the Sibley Link List and opening one of the links in a New Window for later reference.


Step 2

We'll call this the Sibley Reference page. Sibley's works are in the US public domain, but we have to verify the work is also public domain in Canada (where IMSLP is hosted). On the Sibley page check the Contributor field. Basically if anyone accredited on the work died within the last 50 years we can't upload it. In those cases go back to the link list for special instructions.

Also note the Sibley Handle: 1802/xxxx - we'll need that later.


Step 3

Find the Work page for the piece on IMSLP:

Sibleystep3pt1.jpg --->Sibleystep3pt2.jpg

If you find it skip to Step 5.

If nothing turns up we'll need to create a new Work page for our piece on our composer's Composer page. Search for "IMSLP (composer's name)" and 99% of the time you'll find the Category:(Composer's name) page. If the composer is not listed in IMSLP you will have to add a new composer.

Step 4

Assuming we have our composer but not a Work page, let's create one. From the Composer page click: Add a piece to this page.


On the Add Work page, it is only necessary to fill out the Work Title and Piece Style fields. Everything else is optional if you can't easily find it. Fill out what you can and click submit.


Step 5

On the Work page, check to see if the edition has already been uploaded. If you find an exact match you can skip to the last step to delete the link.

If it has not already been uploaded, click the Add Score button at the top. N.B. for this (and the following steps) to work as shown, you first need to make sure you are using the Classic Skin (click on Switch back to classic skin at the bottom right of any screen). If you see Switch to modern skin you are already in the Classic Skin so the process shown here should work.


Step 6

A box will appear on the screen where you enter the rest of the Sibley Handle from our Sibley Reference page and click Go.


Step 7

Part 1: Now we are on the Add Files page. Scroll down to the File #: fields. Here, each link from the Sibley Reference page is listed in the same order, including some we don't want.


Part 2: Remove anything that is not a sheet music file based on the descriptions for each file on the Sibley Reference page: circulation file, color cover, etc.


Part 3: Now scroll down and fill in a description for each file. 99% of the time your choice will be: Complete Score or if there are several parts files:Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, etc.


Part 4: Finally, we need to fill in the Editor, Publisher Information, and Copyright fields. Leave the other fields alone.





If there is an editor credited other than the composer fill in their name followed by their dates: Sally Sallyson (1880-1920). Otherwise leave the Editor field blank.

Change the Publisher Information field to the format as explained on the right side of that page.

Last, select Public Domain from the Copyright field drop-down menu and click submit.

Step 8

You will then see a page confirming the file(s) were uploaded and you can follow the link to make sure the page looks normal.

Now head back to the Sibley Link List to delete the link we just uploaded.

First, click the Edit link.


In the wiki-text the links have a different format, so search for the ending of the Sibley Handle, delete the entire line, and click Save.


Step 9

You're done! Thank you! Try it again!