Along with IMSLP v0.6 comes a completely new copyright tagging system, with support for fine-grained tagging and tagging history. The Tag Finder is one of the two main reading interfaces into the tag database (the other is Tag History).

Basic Syntax

The commands passed to this special page must be entered directly into the URL (expect this trend to continue, because it reduces maintenance and coding time enormously). The basic syntax is:

Special:IMSLPTagFinder/<CAN status>/<US status>/<EU status>/<User filter>/<History filter>/<Sorting>/<Offset>

You can also leave select (or all if you so wish) arguments blank (ex. Special:IMSLPTagFinder///////), and the default will be selected.

Explanation of Syntax

Copyright Status Filters

The first three arguments take the same options, except that they each work on different jurisdictions. The options are as follows:

a = Any/all copyright status [default]
p = All PD (Verified and Checked)
v = PD/Verified
c = PD/Checked
n = Non-PD
u = Unknown (New)

There are also optional Urtext modifiers that come after the basic option. The default (nothing) is to disregard Urtext status.

* = Only Urtext (ex. 'v*')
! = Only non-Urtext (ex. 'v!')
q = Excludes "Permission Granted" tags (ex. 'nq')

User Filter

The user filter takes the following options:

a = Show both system and user tags (i.e. all items) [default]
s = Show only system tags
u = Show only user tags

History Filter

The history filter takes the following options:

a = Show all revisions (i.e. all history items) [default]
l = Show only last revision for each IMSLP index


Sorting takes the following options:

i = Ascending index number
! = Descending index number
d = Ascending date
q = Descending date [default]


This is mostly for internal use by the Tag Finder itself. Takes a number as the offset from which to display the list (first entry = 0). You should usually leave this blank, which defaults to zero (note: if you leave it blank, the trailing slash MUST be present, or it will complain).


A few examples of usage can be found on IMSLP:Special:IMSLPTagFinder/MainText.


  • IMSLP v0.6a (23 November 2007)
    • FEATURE: Added user filter.
  • IMSLP v0.6 (23 November 2007)
    • Initial version.