Along with IMSLP v0.6 comes a completely new copyright tagging system, with support for fine-grained tagging and tagging history. The Tag History is one of the two main reading interfaces into the tag database (the other is Tag Finder).

Basic Syntax

The commands passed to this special page must be entered directly into the URL. The basic syntax is:

Special:IMSLPTagHistory/<IMSLP number>/<Offset>

Explanation of Syntax

Usually you won't use the Tag History page manually; rather, it is linked to by Tag Finder and the single Tag Editor. If for some reason you need to use it directly, just enter the IMSLP index number like shown above, and put a trailing slash (which will make offset = 0, i.e. starting at the beginning of the list).


Note trailing slash:



  • IMSLP v0.6
    • Initial version.