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so that we can track it after you upload it.

erm. er. it would be how hard exactly to search for {{SibleyScan|1802/nnnnn}}? maybe it's more difficult than I think to batch-search for that... Eric 01:12, 5 July 2011 (UTC)

I'm not exactly sure what you're saying but the reason we can't just search for sibleyscan|1802/nnnn is because most of sibley's files are not actually music scores (though those have all been filtered out now) and a lot of people uploaded sibley files before March 2009 when the sibley template didn't exist yet so we are manually removing those from the list. Going forward we can track everything as long as the sibley template is used to upload or there is "sibley.1802.nnnn" in the uploaded file name. --Icactus 17:54, 12 July 2011 (UTC)