List of Compositions Featuring the Guitar/Lute

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Guitar solo

Abril Tirado, Pedro

- Collection of 100 minuets


- Freie Vereinigung zur Förderung guter Guitaremusik

Bach, Johann-Sebastian

- Chaconne in Dm (guitar transcription)

Carcassi, Matteo

- Etude No.9

Debussy, Claude

- Syrinx (guitar transcription)

Grayson, Martin

- An Album of 14 Solo Guitar Pieces
- Sonata for Solo Guitar (No. 1)

Hoffmann, Norbert Rudolf

- 30 plus 1 plus 7
- Hexagon

Jacquot, Matthieu

- Sylphe

Regondi, Giulio

- Reviere - Nocturne, Op.19
- Fete Villageoise, Op.20
- Air Varie, Op.21
- Air Varie, Op.22
- Introduction et Caprice, Op.23

Roussel, Albert

- Ségovia, Op.29

Tàrrega, Francisco

- Capricho Arabe - Serenata
- Danza Mora
- Estudio en Forma de Minuetto
- Maria - Gavota
- Marieta Mazurka
- Minuetto
- El Pobre Valbuena Polka Japonesa
- 2 Preludes
- Preludio No.6
- Preludio No.7
- El Ratón Tango
- Recuerdos de la Alhambra
- Sueno Tremolo Estudio
- Tango

Toub, David

- This piece intentionally left blank

Lute solo

Bach, Johann Sebastian

- Lute Pieces, BWV 995-1000
- Suite for Solo Lute, BWV 1006a

Turovsky-Savchuk, Roman

- Aria di Cappriccio
- Cantio Ruthenica LX
- Cantio Ruthenica LXX
- Cantio Sarmatica CXI
- Tombeau de Aemilian Kovch
- Tombeau de Froberger
- Tombeau de LvB (Ludwig van Beethoven)


Guitar Duets


- Freie Vereinigung zur Förderung guter Guitaremusik

Grayson, Martin

- Sonatas for 2 guitars
- Variations on a Somerset Folk Song

Ravel, Maurice

- Le Gibet from Gaspard de la Nuit - transcription for 2 Guitars

Lute Duets

Grayson, Martin

- Ludi Musici Version for 2 Lutes

Schiffelholz, Johann Paul

- Duo for two Gallichons
- Gallichon Duo No2

Guitar and Piano

Carulli, Ferdinando

- Duos Nocturnes

De Falla, Manuel

- Homenaje a Debussy

Mertz, Johann Kaspar

- Barcarole, Op.41
- Divertissement on 'Rigoletto', Op.60
- Wasserfahrt am Traunsee

Pettoletti, Pietro

- Duet for Guitar and Piano on an Air from the 'Sonnambula' by Bellini, Op.30

Guitar and Flute

Grayson, Martin

- Sonata for Flute and Guitar

Guitar and Violin

Giuliani, Mauro

- 16 Pieces Faciles, Op.74

Grayson, Martin

- Variations on a Somerset Folk Song, Violin & Guitar Version

Paganini, Niccolò

- 6 Sonatas, Op.2a
- 6 Sonatas, Op.3

Guitar and Clarinet

Shen, Yichuan

- Nocturne No.1, Op.17

Guitar and Cello

Burgmuller, Johann Friedrich

- 3 Nocturnes for Cello and Guitar

Degen, Søffren

- Composition for Cello and Guitar

Dotzauer, Justus Friedrich

- Pot-pourri for Cello and Guitar, Op.21

Romberg, Bernhard

- Divertimento from Austrian Folksongs, Op.46 for Cello and Guitar

Schiker, Antoine

Chamber music with Guitar or Lute

Schubert, Franz

- Quartet for Flute, Guitar, Viola and Violoncello, D.96

Davidson, Robert

- Message Ground (violin version) evt.with Guitar

Hume, Tobias

- Captaine Humes Poeticall Musicke, (7 pieces from) (possibly on 2 lutes plus bass lute)

Solomons, David Warin

- Papirossen Variations
- Variations on Nobodys Jigg
- Variations on Davy Davy Knick Knack


Carulli, Ferdinando

- Concerto for guitar and strings

Guestrin, Nestor

- Cuadros de Salta for guitar and orchestra

Vivaldi, Antonio

- Concerto in D minor, RV 540 for Viola d'amore and Lute

Guitar Composers

Lute Composers