List of works by Bernhard Cossmann

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Works with Opus number

No.1 Melodie Suisse
No.2 Canzonetta Napolitana
  • Op.5 - Der Freischutz from C. M.v. Weber, Fantasie for cello and piano (Offenbach: Andre)
  • Op.6 - Wilhelm Tell from G. Rossini, Fantasie for cello and orchestra or piano (Offenbach: Andre)
  • Op.7 - Euryanthe from C. M. v. Weber, Fantasie for cello and orch or piano (Offenbach: Andre)
  • Op.8 - 3 Stücke for cello and piano (Leipzig: Kistner)
No.1 Wiegenlied
No.2 Elegie
No.3 Fandango

Works without Opus number

  • Cello Studies for Development of Agility of Fingers for Cello
  • 6 Cello Solos in two parts
  • Impromptu in G Major for cello and piano
  • Improvisation, Allegro (to Dotzauer's Etude Op.35) for 2 Cellos
  • Konzertstück in D Major for celo and piano (Leipzig: Breitkopf)
  • Konzertstück in B minor for cello and piano (Leipzig: Breitkopf)
  • Concert piece with piano accompaniment
  • Pieces de Salon
  • Fantasia on motives from the opera Freischutz
  • Fantasia on motives from the opera Tell
  • Fantasia on motives from the opera Euryanthe
  • Melodie for cello and Piano
  • Melodie, Chanson de Noel, Paraphrased for cello and piano (Weimar: Kuhn, 1859)
  • Menuett for cello and piano (Mainz: Schott)
  • Multiple solo works for various instruments
  • Neapolitan Canzonetta (Swiss Melodies) for Cello and Piano (Magdeburg: Heinrichshofen)
  • Nouvelle Etude de Concert, D Major for cello solo (Mainz: Schott)
  • Paraphrase sur une Chanson populaire allemande: Ach, wie ist's möglich dann for solo cello (Mainz: Schott)
  • Romanze in C for cello and piano
  • 6 Salon-Stücke for cello and piano (Leipzig: Breitkopf) 1871
Heft 1. Notturno. Humoreske. Erinnerung.
Heft 2. Impromptu. Romanze. Tarantelle.
No.1 Sage
No.2 Wiegenlied
No.3 Albumblatt
No.4 Erlösung
  • Swiss Melody
  • Thüringen Volkslied
  • Traumgesicht for cello and quartet or piano (Mainz: Schott)
  • Violoncello Studien (Mainz: Schott, 1912)
  • Wie ist’s möglich dann for solo cello
  • Cadenzas to Cello Concerto by Haydn (Op.101), Schumann (Op.129) and Raff (Op.193) (Mainz: Schott 1913)

Transcriptions by Bernhard Cossmann

  • Transcribed Schubert's Erlkönig for solo cello In 1890 (for the exclusive use of his student Heinrich Kiefer).
  • Chopin, Notturno Op.92 (for cello and piano)
  • Chopin, Noctrune Op.32 (for cello and piano)
  • Chopin, Marche Funebre, Trauermarsch Op.35 (for cello and piano) (Offfenbach: Andre)
  • Chopin, Nocturne, Op.15 No.2 (for cello and piano) (Offfenbach: Andre)