List of works by Edward MacDowell

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Works with Opus Number

Works without Opus Number

  • 2 Songs from the Thirteenth Century (New York: P.L. Jung, 1897).
  1. A.D. 1230 Nithart
  2. A.D. 1290 Frauenlob
  • College Songs for male voices (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1901). Also published in a transposed edition in 1902.
  1. Columbia's sons
  2. We love thee well, Manhattanland
  3. Columbia! O Alma Mater
  4. Sturdy and strong
  5. O wise old Alma Mater
  6. At parting
  • Technical Exercises for the Pianoforte, Parts I and II (Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, 1894-95). A Part III was announced but never published.
  • Summer Wind. Song of Sylphs for female chorus (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1902). Tile page claims it to be one of two choruses but this was the only one published.
  • 2 College Songs for female voices (Boston: Arthur P. Schmidt, 1907). Both songs were modified versions of those for male voices.
  1. Alma Mater
  2. At parting



  • O.G. Sonneck, Catalogue of First Editions of Edward MacDowell, 1861-1908 (Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, 1917). Online copy available at