List of works by Giuseppe Martucci

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Works are for Piano unless otherwise stated.


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Works with Opus number

Works without Opus number

  • Alma gentil, Song (soprano or tenor and piano; words by Silvio Pellico) (1872, premiered 1873, published 1875)
  • 10 Danze Antiche
  • Ballando!, Song to words by Corrado Ricci (1889, unpublished)
  • Colore orientale for Orchestra (1880)
  • Divertimento for Flute and Piano (1869)
  • Mazurka (1867)
  • Melodia No.3 (1902 July)
  • Messa a grande Orchestra (1870-71)
  • Momento musicale e minuetto (Arrangement for string quartet of Momento musicale Op.64 No.1 + Minuetto Op.55 No.1)
  • Piano Trio (1869)
  • Polka for Band (<1871)
  • 3 Polkas (1867)
  • Polka improvvisata (1872)
  • 12 Preludi facili (1877)
  • Romanza facile in E major (1889)
  • Samuel, Oratorio (solos, chorus, orchestra) (1881; unpublished), text by Federico Persico


  • 1894-ish edition (6 volumes) of his piano works issued by Ricordi (it's possible that that's what's been used, though since this hasn't been specified in uploads, it's hard to tell exactly)