List of recorded performances by George Gershwin

This page pretends to list all known recorded performances by George Gershwin (1898-1937). Gershwin started recording piano rolls in 1916 (there are more tan 100 rolls), mostly performing works by others, but occasionally also works by him. Around 1925, Gershwin also started to record discs (only with his compositions). By the end of the decade, he stopped recording his piano solo performances.

All of his performance were of improvisatory nature, and never written down by the composer (George Gershwin's Songbook is a partial exception, as it contains elaborated versions of some of his songs, but only contains the bare choruses). Decades after his death, some of these performances have been transcribed into musical notation.

This list is incomplete


Piano rolls

By Gershwin

  • When You Want 'Em, You Can't Get 'Em, When You've Got 'Em, You Don't Want 'Em (Melody-202865, 1916)
  • Limehouse Nights (DuoArt-1654, ca.1918)
  • Swanee (MelODee-3707, 1919)
  • Come to the Moon (MelODee-3701, 1919)
  • Tee-oodle-um Bum-bo (Duo-Art-1023, 1919)
  • Scandal Walk (MelODee-203583, 1920)
  • Idle Dreams (ca.1920)
  • Drifting Along With The Tide (DuoArt-1744, 1921)
  • So Am I (DuoArt-102625, 1925)
  • Kicking The Clouds Away (DuoArt-713122, 1925)
  • That Certain Feeling (DuoArt-713216, 1925)
  • Sweet And Low Down (DuoArt-713214, 1926)

By other composers

  • Tee-oodle-um Bum-bo (DuoArt-10023, 1919)
  • Left All Alone Again Blues, by Jerome Kern (DuoArt-1664, 1920)
  • Whose Baby are You?, by Jerome Kern (DuoArt-1667, 1920)
  • Whispering (Melodee-4007, 1920)
  • A Young Man's Fancy (Melodee-4083, 1920)
  • Grieving for you, by Gold (DuoArt-1702, 1921)
  • Rock-A-Bye Lullaby Land, by Donaldson (Duo-Art-1705, 1920)
  • Whip-Poor-Will, by Jerome Kern (DuoArt-1719, 1921)


4 Songs from Oh Kay!

  • Someone to watch Over Me(August 1926)
  • Maybe (November 1926)
  • Clap Yo' Hands (December 1926)
  • Do, Do, Do (November 1926)

4 Songs form Tip Toes

  • Looking for a Boy (July 1926)
  • When do we Dance? (July 1926)
  • That Certain Feelin (July 1926)
  • Sweet and Low Down (July 1926)

  • S'Wonderful & Funny Face (June 1928)
  • My One and Only (August 1928)