List of works by Adolf von Henselt

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Works with Opus number

No.6: Si Oiseau j'Etais (If I Were a Bird) - probably the best known piece of this Opus
No.1 Schmerz im Glück
No.2 La fontaine
No.1 Air russe de N. Naroff
No.2 La gondola
No.3 Cavatine de Glinka
No.4 Barcarole de Glinka
No.5 Air de Balfe
No.6 Mazurka et Polka
No.7 Racoczy Marche
No.8 Marche
No.9 Polka
No.10 Romance russe de S.A.Taneef

Works without Opus number

Set No.1, Paris 1854/55.
Set No.2, Paris 1881.
  • Bescheidenes Glück for voice and piano (Neue Musik-Zeitung, Cologne: P.J. Tonger, 1884).
  • Canon pour Piano à quatre mains
  • Etude in a for Piano, Leipzig 1876.
  • Fantasiestück in c (manuscript)
  • Morgenlied (after Uhland)
  • Petite Romance for Piano
  • Romance in D flat for Piano
  • Vasa March for Piano
  • 2 Romances (after Wielhorsky), arranged for Piano
  • Das ferne Land for Voice and Piano, London 1843/7
  • 6 Themes avec Variations de N. Paganini, Munich 1830.
  • Fantaisie sur un air bohemien-russe, Hamburg 1847.
  • Feuillet d'album, Saint Petersburg ca.1870.
  • Hymn für Prinz Pyotr Oldenburg, Moscow 1882.
  • Chant du printemps 1833, Berlin 1883.
  • Préambules, Moscow 1884.
  • Mon chant du cygne, Hamburg 1885.
  • Finishing Studies, London 1894.
  • Mon chant du cygne
  • Petite Valse
  • Poeme d’amour – Andante et Allegro concertante
  • Repos d’amour
  • Romance russe no 6
  • Romance russe, transcribed
  • Souvenir de Varsovie
  • Transcription of Beethoven’s Coriolan Overture (op 62)
  • Transcription of Beethoven’s Egmont Overture (op 84)
  • Transcription of a Romance by O.K. Klemm
  • Transcription of a Waltz by Johann Strauss
  • Transcription of Weber’s Invitation to the Dance
  • Transcription of Weber’s Overture to Euryanthe
  • Transcription of Weber’s Overture to Oberon
  • Transcription of Weber’s Polacca brilliante (op 72)