List of works by Adolphe Blanc

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Sources include

  • Hofmeister's Monatsberichte
  • Bibliographie de la France (preferable to and more accurate than Hofmeister for French composers for estimating publication dates)
  • BNF catalog

Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1 - Serenade for violin and piano (Richault, 1858)
  • Op.2 - Rondinetto for piano. Richault 1858
  • Op.3 - Valse de Concert for violin and piano (Richault, 1858)
  • Op.4 - Theme and variations for piano. Richault 1858
  • Op.5 - Sarabande for piano. Launer 1849
  • Op.6 - Fleur d’Orient - Etude for violin solo
  • Op.7 - La Farfalla, scherzetto fantastique for solo viola, with obbligato piano. Simon Richault 1853
  • Op.8 - Tarentelle. violin piano
  • Op.9 - Romance sans Paroles. violin, viola and piano
  • Op.10 - Romance (2e) for viola and piano. S. Richault 1855
  • Op.11 - Barcarolle for cello and piano. S. Richault 1855
  • Op.12 - Sonata No.1 (sonata for piano with violin, viola or cello)
  • Op.14 - Piano Trio in C for piano, flute and cello. (Richault, 1856)
  • Op.16 - String Quartet No.1 (pub.1856 or earlier by Richault)
  • Op.17 - Sonata in C (for piano with violin, viola or cello). (Also known as 3rd cello sonata.)
  • Op.18 - 1st Piano Trio. (Piano Trio No.1. Richault, 1856)
  • Op.19 - String Quintet No.2 (2ème Quintette pour deux violons, deux altos et violoncelle) (pub.1856, Richault)
  • Op.20 - 2nd Piano Trio in E major (?) (pub.1857, Richault)
  • Op.22 - String Quintet No.4 in E (for 2 violins, viola, cello and double-bass or 2nd cello) (pub.1857, Richault)
  • Op.23 - Trio in B major for piano, violin (or clarinet) and cello (published in 1857, Richault)
  • Op.26 - Piano Sonata. S. Richault, 1857.
  • Op.27 - 2nd String Quartet. Richault, 1857
  • Op.28 - First Piano Quartet
  • Op.29 - 5th String Quintet (in D minor?) (published 1858)
  • Op.30 - (6) Pensées fugitives (fugitive thoughts) pour piano, divisées en 2 suites. Richault, 1858
  • Op.31 - Violin Sonata No.1 in A minor (Richault, 1858)
  • Op.32 - Piano Sonata No.2 Richault 1859
  • Op.33 - Violin Sonata No.2 in D Richault 1859
  • Op.34 - Violin Sonata No.3 in G. Richault 1859
  • Op.36 - 6th String Quintet (2 violins, viola, cello and contrabass or 2nd cello) in C minor
  • Op.37 - Quintet for piano, flute, clarinet, oboe, horn, and bassoon
  • Op.37 - (alternative to above) Quintet for piano and strings (violin, viola, cello and bass or 2 cellos)
  • Op.37 - Piano Quartet No.2
  • Op.39 - Concert-quintet (Quintette de concert) for piano, violin, viola, cello and contrabass
  • Op.40 - Septuor in E major (for violin, viola, cello, contrabass, clarinet, horn and bassoon)
  • Op.42 - Violin Sonata No.4 in E (minor?) ( by Richault)
  • Op.43 - Sonata for piano and horn (or violin, viola, cello) in F major (Richault, 1861(?))
  • Op.45 - 6 Pièces de salon pour violon avec accompagnement de piano.Legouix 1862
    • The following two are probably later extracts from the above printed separately and also as Op.45 without explanation --
    • Mélodie pour violon avec accompagnement de piano impr. de E. Delanchy 1892
    • Tyrolienne pour violon avec accompagnement de piano. 1893
  • Op.46 - Sonatina for violin with piano. Lemoine
  • Op.46 bis - Menuet pour violon avec accompagnement de piano. Lemoine
  • Op.47 - Sonatina No.2 for violin with piano accompaniment. Lemoine (in Lemoine catalog with no Opus num)
  • Op.47 - Cello Sonata No.4 (Richault, 1866. See BNF.)
  • Op.49 - 4th Piano Quartet (S. Richault, 1866. Dedicated "A son élève et amie Madame Elise Bouquelon.")
  • Op.50 - 7th String Quintet (2 violins, viola, cello and double bass or 2nd cello. S. Richault, 1866) in E major
  • Op.51 - Andantino capriccioso pour le violon avec accompagnement de piano et orgue ad libitum remplaçant les instruments à vent ou orchestra H. Lemoine 1870
  • Op.52 - Andante in D for Cello with Piano, organ or wind (Lemoine, 1870)
  • Op.52bis - Andante (en ré) pour alto-viola avec accompagnement de piano et orgue (ad libitum) remplaçant les instruments à vent, ou orchestre. Henry Lemoine 1872
  • Op.54 - Septuor in E flat major (for pianoforte, flute, oboe, horn, viola, cello, contrabass) S. Richault: 1876 (Plate 14042 R.)
  • Opp.56-64 - 9 Petits Trios (Trios in C major, A minor, G major, E minor, A major, D minor, D major, B minor, and E major) (pub.1880-85?)
  • Op.64 - also Sonatine concertante for 2 pianos. Lemoine 1884

Works without Opus Number (?)

Partial list

  • Ouverture espagnole (published 1874 by Lemoine)
  • (toy symphony, published ca.1872 by Lemoine)
  • Promenade du boeuf gras, symphonie burlesque et imitative (misspelled: initiative) pour deux violons, alto violoncelle et neuf instruments de jouets d'enfants, composée pour les enfants de Madame de Bousquet par Adolphe Blanc (pub.1869 or 1870 (BdlF: 23 Apr. 1870, p.194 ; BNF: 1870) by Lemoine) . Also, arranged for piano duet by Renaud de Vilbac (also pub. 1870 by Lemoine.) B.D.H. also has a copy of the parts, see WorldCat.) (Quite a few works by Blanc are listed @ Worldcat and BNF in Vilbac arrangements and those of others.)
  • Grandes valses brillantes Ex-æquo & Ex-olgus for piano duet (pub.1884 by O'Kelly)
  • Provided the words to the song "Les trois couleurs. Chant patriotique" by Charles L.A. Vogel. (This can be downloaded @ - see WorldCat.)
  • Horn Sonata no.2 in C (pub.1987)
  • Horn Sonata no.3 in F (pub.1987)
  • many songs w/o opus number.
  • Violin and Piano Sonata "Op.A"
  • Guillaume Tell de Rossini, broderie concertante pour piano et violon (Grus, 1863)
  • Carillon de Frère Jacques (piano 8-hands, pub.1879)
  • Au clair de la lune (caprice for piano 6-hands, 1879)
  • Ah! vous dirai-je maman (variations for piano 6hands, published 1877)
  • Une Couronne à Vilhelm. Choeur solennel. Paroles de Charles Soullier (Vialon, 1862)
  • God save the Queen : fantaisie pour piano à six mains (Lemoine, 1881) (collection: L'orchestre au salon : collection de morceaux à six mains sur le même piano ; 40.)



  • Les beautés dramatiques (with Vilbac, Dorus and others.
  • Le Voyage en Chine [de Bazin]. Petite fantaisie pour piano et violon concertants par R. de Vilbac et Adolphe Blanc (Lemoine, 1868)