List of works by Alfredo Carlo Piatti

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Works with Opus number

  1. Chant religieux , 1844.
  2. Romance (Souvenir d'Ems), 1844.
  3. Litanie de Schubert

Works without Opus number

  • L'Abbandono Canto for cello and piano
  • L'Albero della Speranza in D minor
  • Am Meer, Serenade, Ave Maria (Franz Schubert / Alfredo Piatti) for cello and piano
  • Andante for Cello and Piano (autograf in Bergamo) 1848.
  • Andante Melanconico for cello and piano
  • Andantino for 2 Cellos (manuscript in Bergamo)
  • Aria Schiavona de Veracini for cello and piano
  • Bitte for cello and piano
  • Canto di Primavera for cello and piano
  • Canzonetta for cello and piano
  • Canzone di Ossian for Cello and Piano 1888 (in Bergamo)
  • Canzone Popolare Toscana in Bb major
  • Capriccio sur des Aires Gascons London 11 Feb 1851 for cello and piano (in Bergamo)
  • Capriccio sur des airs de Balfe for cello and orchestra
  • Cello Concerto in G (fragment) (in Bergamo)
  • Cello Concerto in G minor (Allegro maestoso. Largo) for cello and orchestra or piano
  • Cello Concerto in B (fragment) (in Bergamo)
  • Cello Concerto in E (fragment) (in Bergamo)
  • Cello Concerto in A (fragment) (in Bergamo)
  • Danza moresca for cello and piano
  • Di me sovvengati Voice and Piano
  • Duet for Violoncello, Kontrabass and Orchestra (jointly written by A. Piatti and Giovanni Bottesini)
  • Elegia in Morte di Rubinstein in C minor for 2 Cellos. 1894 (manuscript in Bergamo)
  • Elegia per la morte di Cavour for cello and piano (1st perf. 1877)
  • Entreaty - Supplication for cello and piano (also cello and orchestra), 1898
  • Fantasia Romantica Concerstück for cello and piano (or orch) (Berlin: Schlesinger, 1844)
  • Fantasia Scozzese for cello and piano 1860
  • Fantasia sopra alcuni motivi della Gemma di Vergy for cello and piano or orchestra, 1840.
  • Fantasia über ein orientalisches Thema (Fantasia from an oriental Theme) for cello solo
  • La Fidanzata Voice and Piano
  • Follia su un’aria di Geminiani for cello and piano
  • La Gagliarda Pezzo Caratterestico for cello and piano
  • Gita in gondola / La Danza for cello and piano
  • The Holy Spray Written for Rosa's Birthday 6. Jan 1870 for cello and piano
  • Impromptu sopra un’aria di Purcell nella “Regina indiana for cello and piano
  • Introduzione, Cantabile e Variazioni (1837) (first piece he wrote at the Conservatorio at the age of 15) for cello and large orchestra. (Biblioteca del Civico istituto musicale Gaetano Donizetti - Bergamo, Italy)
  • Introduzione e Allegro alla Spagnuola for cello and piano (probably this is the first movement of a Concerto in B minor)
  • ln Vacanza (On Holiday) for 4 cellos (1891)
  • It is not always May for Violin Cello and piano
  • La Corsa for cello and piano
  • La Sera Poesia del Cav. Maffu, Notturno for Soprano, Cello and Piano
  • La Violette - Polka-Mazurka for cello and piano
  • Magyar Fantasia in D major for cello and piano, 1858
  • 4 Melodies Italiennes Voice and Piano
  • Il Mendico Voice and Piano
  • Method for Violoncello (Manuscript in Bergamo, Biblioteca Istituto Musicale)
  • Minuetto for cello and piano (1st perf. 1886)
  • Morceau de Concert for cello and orchestra
  • Ossian’s song, Ballad for cello and piano
  • O Swallow, Swallow for Soprano, Cello and Piano
  • Pioggia d’Aprile Studio Capriccio for cello and piano
  • The Race (Canzone de Nese - Tornato e lamor mio) for cello and strings or piano
  • Ricordanza for Soprano, Cello and Piano
  • Rimembranze del Tovatore di Verdi for cello and piano (1st perf. 1865)
  • Romanza for Violin and Piano
  • Rondinella Pellegrina in E minor for cello and piano
  • Rondo sulla Favorita for Cello and orchestra
  • Serenata in D major for 2 Cellos and Orchestra (also cello and piano)
  • Soirees champetres No.1 Reverie for cello and piano
  • Soirees champetres No.2 Berceuse for cello and piano (1st perf. 1867)
  • Soirees champetres No.3 Monferrina for cello and piano (1st perf. 1867).
  • Souvenir de Beatrice Tenda for cello and orchestra
  • Supplication in D minor for cello and orchestra (Leipzig: Brockhaus, 1898)
  • Tell me Maiden [Mädchen sprich was hebt die Brust] for Voice Cello Piano
  • Tema e Variazioni for cello and piano (also cello and orchestra), 1837
  • Un Addio Voice and Piano
  • La Violette for cello and piano
  • WoO - The race – La corsa for cello and piano

Transcriptions of works by other composers

  • Sonata in E
  • Sonata in A Major
  • Sonata in E minor
  • Sonata in F Major
  • Sonata in E minor
  • Sonata in D Major
  1. Locatelli - Cello Sonata in D Major (taken from Violin Sonata Op.6 No.6 (Allegro and Minuet) and Op.6 No.12 (Adagio)) arr. Piatti
  2. Porpora, N., Sonata (F).
  3. Simpson, Chr., 13 Divisions (ou Variations).
  4. Bach, J.S., 1re Suite (G).
  5. Valentini, G., Sonata No. 10 (E)
  6. Veracini, F.M., Sonata (D).