List of works by Artem Andreasyan

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List of works according to the 6-volume collection

Volume I: Suites and variations for solo keyboard (2010-2016)

  1. Suite in C minor
  2. Suite; polytonal
  3. Suite in G minor
  4. Suite in C major
  5. Variations in G minor
  6. Suite in F minor
  7. Suite in C minor
  8. Pseudo-sonata

Volume II: Albums of pieces for solo keyboard (2012-16)

  1. "School" album (early sketches)
  2. "School" album (revised version)
  3. "Student" album (with addition: "Fantasia in C minor")
  4. "Evolution" album

Volume III: Pieces for solo keyboard (2009-13)

  1. Impromptu in C minor
  2. Etude in D minor
  3. Prelude in D minor
  4. Impromptu in C minor
  5. Etude in C minor
  6. Impromptu, atonal
  7. Prelude in F minor
  8. Fughetta in B flat major
  9. Fughetta in F major
  10. Fughetta in B flat major
  11. Fugue in C minor
  12. Etude in C major
  13. Etude in C minor
  14. Impromptu in D minor
  15. Prelude in C minor
  16. Prelude in C major
  17. Fughetta in G minor
  18. Fughetta in C major
  19. Etude in F major
  20. Toccata in D minor
  21. Prelude in A minor
  22. Prelude in F minor
  23. Prelude in C minor
  24. Fughetta in C minor
  25. Prelude in D minor
  26. Etude in G major
  27. Etude in F major
  28. Toccata in E minor
  29. Prelude in G minor
  30. Toccatina in D minor
  31. Etude in D minor
  32. Prelude in C major
  33. Prelude in D minor
  34. Etude in A minor
  35. Toccatina in G minor
  36. Fughetta in C minor
  37. Etude in C minor
  38. Etude in C major
  39. Prelude in G minor
  40. Prelude in C minor
  41. Prelude in D minor
  42. Fugue in A minor

Volume IV: Pieces for solo keyboard (2014-16)

  1. Sketches, atonal
  2. Saraband in D minor
  3. Etude, atonal
  4. Prelude in C minor
  5. Impromptu in F minor
  6. Ricercare in D minor
  7. Waltz in E minor
  8. Passacaglia in F minor
  9. Prelude in A minor
  10. Parody in A minor
  11. Meditation in F-sharp major
  12. Impromptu in G major
  13. Parody in C minor
  14. Postlude in F minor
  15. Prelude in B-flat minor
  16. Etude in D minor No.1
  17. Etude in D minor No.2
  18. Etude in D minor No.3


Early sketches for "Il bambolotto di legno" (later Suite No.6) (2012-14)

  1. Allegro agitato
  2. Andante arpeggiato
  3. Allegro moderato
  4. [Allegro moderato]
  5. [Allegro]
  6. [Allegretto]
  7. Allegro moderato
  8. Adagio – Allegro agitato
  9. [Allegro agitato]
  10. (Cryptogram)
  11. Allegro
  12. (Allegro rubato)
  13. (Variations)
  14. Allegro (subjects for a triple fugue)

Volume V: Miscellaneous pieces and arrangements of chamber pieces for solo keyboard (2010-2017)

  1. Dance in A major (for orchestra)
  2. Prelude in C minor (for three violinists)
  3. Impromptu in D minor
  4. Prelude in C minor (for string orchestra or quartet)
  5. Poem in C major (for orchestra)
  6. Toccata; atonal (for piano trio)
  7. Galliard in C minor (for 4 open instruments)
  8. Prelude in E minor (for orchestra)
  9. Fugue in G major (for string orchestra or quartet)
  10. Ouverture in D major (for string orchestra)
  11. Impromptu in E minor
  12. Canzon in C major (for 3 open instruments)
  13. Impromptu in G minor
  14. Sketch (from C)
  15. Sketch in G minor
  16. Paraphrase in A minor (on a song by N. Shahbazyan)
  17. Paraphrase in C minor (on a song by N. Hovhannisyan)
  18. Impromptu in E minor

Volume VI: Works for two and three pianos

Part one: Works and arrangements for two pianos

  1. Impromptu in C minor (for choir)
  2. Fragment in D minor (for choir)
  3. Konzertstück No.1 in G minor (for harpsichord and strings; 2 versions)
  4. Concerto in E minor (for guitar, 2 violins)
  5. Konzertstück No.2 in C major (for harpsichord and strings)
  6. Battaglia in C major (for 4 violins, 2 celli)
  7. Canon in E major (for 3 violins and harpsichord)
  8. Impromptu in A minor
  9. Melody in E minor

Part two: Pieces for three pianos

  1. Trio in A minor (in two editions)
  2. Trio in G minor
  3. Trio-impromptu in A minor (originally for piano and a chamber ensemble)