List of works by Arthur Honegger

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The table below gives the following information (where applicable):

  • H.L'Oeuvre d'Arthur Honegger : Chronologie, catalogue raisonné, analyses, discographie (Fayard, 1994).
  • Title — as used on IMSLP.
  • Key — the principal key of the work.
  • Date — the year(s) of composition, where known.
  • Scoring — the instrumentation used.
  • Genre — as used by IMSLP's categorization system.
  • Notes — concerning related works, completeness, authorship, etc.
H. Title Key Date Scoring Genre Notes
I Philippa 1903 vv pf operas
Ia Overture to Philippa 1907 2v pf overtures composer's arrangement
II Sigismond 1904 ca. operas lost
III La Esmeralda 1907 v pf operas unfinished
IIIa Overture to La Esmeralda 1907 2v pf overtures composer's arrangement
IV Oratorio du calvaire 1907 oratorios lost
V Songs (3) 1906-08 ca. v pf? melodies lost
VI Sonatas (6): 1908 v pf sonatas
C minor 1908 v pf sonatas
F major 1908 v pf sonatas
C minor 1908? v pf sonatas
B minor 1908 v pf sonatas
A minor 1908 v pf sonatas
G major 1908 v pf sonatas
001 Pieces (3): 1909-10 pf pieces
pf scherzos
pf humoresques
pf pieces
002 Adagio 1910 ca. v pf adagios lost
003 Violin Sonata ("No. 0") D minor 1912 vn pf sonatas
004 Cello Sonata 1912-13 ca. vc pf sonatas lost
005 Songs (2) v pf? melodies lost
006 Piano Trio F minor 1914 vn vc pf trios 1st movement only
007 Poems (4): 1914-16 v pf melodies
    Sur le Basalte
1914 v pf melodies
    Petite Chapelle
1916 v pf melodies
1915 v pf melodies
    La mort passe
1916 v pf melodies
008 Toccata et variations 1916 pf toccatas ;
009 Poèmes de Paul Fort (3): 1916 v pf songs
    Le Chasseur perdu en forêt
1916 v pf melodies
    Cloche du soir
1916 v pf melodies
    Chanson de fol
1916 v pf chansons
010 Prélude pour Aglavaine et Sélysette 1916-17 orch preludes
011 Nature morte 1917 v pf melodies
012 Poèmes d'Apollinaire (6): 1915-17 v pf melodies
    A la santé
D minor 1916 v pf melodies
1916 v pf melodies
1915 v pf melodies
1917 v pf melodies
1917 v pf melodies
    Les coches
1917 v pf melodies
013 Rhapsody F major 1917 (2fl cl)/(2vn va) pf rhapsodies
014 Fugue et choral 1917 org fugues ;
015 String Quartet No.1 C minor 1913-17 2vn va vc quartets
016 Le chant de Nigamon C minor 1917 orch symphonic poems
017 Violin Sonata No.1 C minor 1916-18 vn pf sonatas
018 Cantique de Pâques 1918-22 vv fch orch canticles
019 Le dit des jeux du monde 1918 orch ballets
20 La mort de Sainte Alméenne 1918 vv orch operas see also H.20a
20a Interlude 1920? orch interludes from H.20
021 La danse macabre 1919 incidental music lost
022 Musique d'ameublement 1919 fl cl tpt 2vn va vc pf pieces
023 Pieces (3): 1915-19 pf pieces
1915 pf preludes
    Hommage à Ravel
1919 pf pieces
1919 pf dances
024 Violin Sonata No.2 B major 1919 vn pf sonatas
025 Pièces brèves (7): 1919-20 pf pieces see also H.213
1919 pf pieces
1919 pf pieces
    Très lent
1920 pf pieces
1919 pf pieces
1920 pf pieces
1920 pf pieces
A major 1920 pf pieces
026 Sarabande B major 1920 pf sarabandes from "L'Album des Six"
027 Orchestration of a Mussorgsky song 1920 orch songs lost
028 Viola Sonata A minor 1920 va pf sonatas
029 Sonatine for 2 Violins G major 1920 2vn sonatinas
030 Pâques à New York (3): 1920 mez 2vn va vc melodies
    C'est à cette heure-ci
1920 mez 2vn va vc melodies
    Faîtes, Seigneur
1920 mez 2vn va vc melodies
    Dic nobis Maria
1920 mez 2vn va vc melodies
031 Pastorale d'été 1920 orch symphonic poems
032 Cello Sonata D minor 1920 vc pf sonatas
033 Hymn B minor 1920 4vn 2va 2vc 2db hymns
034 Vérité? Mensonge? 1920 orch ballets partially lost
035 La noce massacrée 1921 orch pieces from collaborative work "Les Mariés de la tour Eiffel"
036 Cinéma-fantaisie'' 1920 vn pf fantasias in collaboration with Darius Milhaud
037 Le Roi David 1921 vv ch orch sacred oratorios 1st version
037 Le Roi David 1921 nar ch orch psalms 2nd version
037 Le Roi David 1923 orch ballets 3rd version
038 Horace victorieux 1920-21 orch ballets
039 Danse de la chèvre 1921 fl dances
040 Skating Rink D mino 1921-22 orch ballets
041 Saül 1922 tpt vc perc incidental music fragment
042 Sonatine for Clarinet and Piano 1921-22 cl/vc pf sonatinas
043 Contrepoints (3): 1922 picc ob/eh vn vc pieces see H.43a
1922 picc ob/eh vn vc preludes
1922 picc ob/eh vn vc chorales
    Canon sur basse obstinée
1922 picc ob/eh vn vc canons
43a Suite 2pf suites adaptation of H.43
044 Overture 1922 orch film scores
045 Antigone 1922 ob/eh hp incidental music
046 Fantasio D minor 1922 orch ballets
047 Chant de joie 1922-23 orch symphonic poems
48 La Tempête 1923-29 v orch incidental music partially lost ;
see also H.48a and 48b
48a Prelude 1923 orch incidental music from H.48
48b Chants d'Ariel (2): 1923 v orch songs adaptation of H.48
    Venez jusqu'à ces sables d'or
1923 v orch songs
    Où butine l'abeille
1923 v orch songs
49 Liluli 1923 v ch picc vc pf incidental music
050 Chanson de Fagus 1923? sop ch pf chansons
051 Poésies de Jean Cocteau (6): 1920-23 v pf melodies
    Le Nègre
1920 v pf melodies
1920 v pf melodies
    Souvenirs d'Enfance
1920 v pf melodies
1923 v pf melodies
    Une Danseuse
1923 v pf melodies
1923 v pf melodies
052 Le cahier romand 1921-23 pf pieces see also H.213
053 Pacific 231 1923 orch symphonic poems Mouvement symphonique No.1
054 Chanson de Ronsard'' 1924 v pf/(fl 2vn va vc) chansons
055 Concertino for Piano and Orchestra 1924 pf orch concertos
56 Prelude and Blues 1925? 4hp preludes ;
057a Judith (incidental music) 1924-25 vv ch orch incidental music
57b Judith (opera) 1925 nar vv ch orch operas
057c Judith (oratorio) 1927 nar vv ch orch sacred oratorios
058 Sous-marine 1924-25 orch pieces
059 Hommage du trombone exprimant la tristesse de l'auteur absent 1925 tbn pf pieces
060 L'Impératrice aux rochers 1925 vv nar ch orch incidental music see also H.60a, 60b and 60c
60a Orchestral Suite 1925 orch suites adaptation of H.60
60b La neige sur Rome 1925 pf pieces arrangement of H.60 (No.7)
60c Suite (Partita) 1929? pf pieces adaptation of H.60
(possibly in collaboration with the composer's wife)
061 Phaedra 1926 uch orch incidental music see also H.61a
61a Orchestral Suite 1926 orch suites adaptation of H.61
062 Pour le cantique de Salomon 1926 nar ww br perc str pieces
063 Chansons de 'La petite sirène' (3): 1926 v (fl 2vn va vc)/pf songs
    Chanson des sirènes
1926 v (fl? 2vn va vc)/pf chansons
    Berceuse de la sirène
1926 v (fl? 2vn va vc)/pf berceuses
    Chanson de la poire
1926 v (fl? 2vn va vc)/pf chansons
64 Suite 1926-27 orch film scores
65 Antigone 1924-27 vv ch orch operas
066 Roses de métal 1928 orch pieces lost ;
see also H.66a
66a Blues 1928? orch blues adaptation of H.66
067 Rugby D major 1928 orch symphonic poems Mouvement symphonique No.2
68 Les noces d'Amour et de Psyché 1927-28? orch ballets music by Johann Sebastian Bach (composer's arrangement) ;
see also H.68a
68a Suite 1928 orch suites after Johann Sebastian Bach ;
adaptation of H.68
68b Prelude et fugue C major 1928 orch preludes ;


arrangement of Prelude and Fugue in C major, BWV 545, by Johann Sebastian Bach ;
from H.68
069 Hommage à Albert Roussel D major 1928 pf pieces
070 Vocalise-etude 1929 v pf vocalises
71 Amphion 1929 orch ballets see also H.71a
71a Prélude, fugue et postlude 1948 orch preludes ;
fugues ;
from H.71
072 Cello Concerto C major 1929 vc orch concertos
073 Berceuses pour la Bobcisco 1929 vn fl/vn tpt/va vc pf berceuses
074 J'avais un fidèle amant 1929 (2vn va vc)/str variations
075 Symphony No.1 C major 1929-30 orch symphonies
076 Les aventures du roi Pausole 1929-30 vv ch orch operettas see also H.76a
76a Suite 1930-31 pf suites adaptation of H.76
077 Cris du monde 1930-31 vv ch orch oratorios
078 La belle de Moudon 1931 nar vv cch ch br perc operettas
079 Prélude C major 1932 db pf preludes
080 Sonatine for Violin and Cello E minor 1932 vn vc sonatinas
081 Prélude, arioso et fughette sur le nom de Bach 1932 pf preludes ;
ariosos ;
see also H.81a
81a Prélude, arioso et fughette sur le nom de Bach 1936 str preludes ;
ariosos ;
arrangement of H.81; by Arthur Hoérée
82 Le grand étang 1932 v pf/orch songs
083 Mouvement symphonique No.3 C minor 1932-33 orch symphonic poems
084 Les douze coups de minuit 1933 ch hp 2pf org timp perc incidental music fragments
085 Sémiramis 1933-34 orch ballets
086 Rapt 1934 film scores in collaboration with Arthur Hoérée
087 L'Idée 1934 film scores
088 Les misérables 1933-34 film scores see also H.88a
88a Orchestral Suite 1934 orch suites adaptation of H.88
089 Petite suite 1934 (open 2sop) pf preludes
090 Cessez le feu 1934 film scores
091 Le roi de la camargue 1934 film scores fragment ;
in collaboration with Roland-Manuel
092 Radio-panoramique 1935 orch symphonic poems
093 Der Dämon des Himalayas 1934-35 ch orch film scores
094 Crime et chatiment 1935 film scores
095 Berceuse F major 1935 pf berceuses from collaborative work "Bal des petits lits blancs"
096 Icare 1935 perc str[] ballets
097 Fièvre jaune ("La route de Mandalay") 1935 v/vv pf songs
098 L’Équipage (Celle que j’aime) 1935 film scores in collaboration with Maurice Thiriet
099 Jeanne d'Arc au bûcher 1935-44 2nar vv ch orch oratorios
100 Les mutinés de l’Elseneur 1936 film scores
101 Mayerling 1936 orch film scores in collaboration with Maurice Jaubert
102 Nocturne 1936 orch nocturnes see also H.85
103 String Quartet No.2 D major 1934-35 2vn va vc quartets
104 La marche sur la Bastille B minor 1936 orch incidental music
105 Largo 1936 orch largos
106 Nitchevo (L'Agonie du sous-marin) 1936 film scores in collaboration with Casimir Oberfeld ;
see also H.106a
106a Chansons de Nitchevo (2): 1936 v pf chansons adaptation of H.106
    De l'Atlantique au Pacifique
1936 v pf chansons
    Triste est mon cœur
1936 v pf chansons
107 Les mille et une nuits 1936-37 sop ten orch ballets
108 L'Aiglon 1936-37 vv mch orch operas in collaboration with Jacques Ibert
109 Mademoiselle Docteur (Salonique, nid d'espions) 1936-37 film scores
110 Marthe Richard au service de la France 1937 film scores see also H.110a
110a Orgue dans l'église E major 1910-11 ca. org pieces from H.110
111 Prelude à la mort de Jaurès 1937 orch incidental music in collaboration with Arthur Hoérée ;
112 Liberté 1937 film scores in collaboration with Arthur Hoérée ;
113 Un oiseau blanc s'est envolé 1937 orch ballets see also H.167a
114 String Quartet No.3 E major 1936-37 2vn va vc quartets
115 Scenic Railway 1937 pf pieces from collaborative work "Parc d'attractions Expo 1937"
116 La citadelle du silence 1937 film scores in collaboration with Darius Milhaud
117 Regain 1937 film scores see also H.117a ;
partially lost
117a Orchestral Suite 1937 orch suites adaptation of H.117
118 Tuet's weh? 1937 v pf songs
119 La construction d'une cité 1937 orch incidental music only H.119a is by Honegger
119a Chansons de 'La construction d'une cité' (2): 1937 v/vv pf chansons from H.119
    Chanson des quatre
1937 v/vv pf chansons
    Chanson de l'emigrant
1937 v/vv pf chansons
120 Jeunesse 1937 (v pf/orch)/uch songs
121 Visages de la France 1937 film scores partially lost
122 Armistice 1937 v/uch pf songs?
123 Le cantique des cantiques 1936-37 vv ch orch ballets
124 Miarka ou la fille à l’ourse 1937 film scores in collaboration with Tibor Harsányi;
see also H.124a
124a Chansons du 'Miarka ou la fille à l'ourse' (2): 1937 v pf chansons from H.124
    Chanson de la route
1937 v pf chansons
    Chanson de l'eau
1937 v pf chansons
125 Passeurs d'hommes 1937 film scores in collaboration with Arthur Hoérée ;
126 Les bâtisseurs 1937 film scores in collaboration with Arthur Hoérée ;
see also H.126a
126a Hymne du bâtiment 1937 hymns from H.126
127 Chansons de René Kerdyk (3): 1935-37 v pf chansons
    On est heureux
v pf chansons
    Chanson de la route
v pf chansons
    Le naturaliste
v pf chansons lost
128 Les petites cardinal 1937 vv ch orch operettas in collaboration with Jacques Ibert
129 Pygmalion 1938 film scores fragment ;
in collaboration with William Axt
130 L'Or dans la montagne (Faux monnayeurs) 1938 film scores in collaboration with Arthur Hoérée
131 La danse des morts 1938 nar vv ch orch cantatas
132 L'Alarme 1938 v ch orch songs? lost
133 Hommage au travail 1938 v pf songs
134 Le déserteur (Je t’attendrai) 1939 film scores in collaboration with Henri Verdun, etc.
135 Nicolas de Flue 1938-39 nar vv cch ch orch operas 1st version
135 Nicolas de Flue 1938-39 nar cch ch orch oratorios 2nd version
136 Cavalcade d'amour 1939 film scores lost ;
in collaboration with Darius Milhaud;
see also H.136a
136a O Salutaris D major 1939 v (pf/hp)/(org pf (hp)) songs adaptation of H.136
137 Possèdes-tu, pauvre pécheur 1939 uch harm/pf canticles
138 Poèmes de Claudel (3): 1939-40 v pf melodies
1939 v pf melodies
    Le delphinium
1940 v pf melodies
    Le rendez-vous
1940 v pf melodies
139 Partita 1940 2pf partitas
140 Christopher Columbus 1940 nar vv ch orch incidental music
141 Grad us B major 1940 ww br perc pieces
142 La naissance des couleurs 1940-48 v ch orch ballets
143 Sonata for Solo Violin D minor 1940 vn sonatas
144 Psalms (3): 1940-41 v pf psalms
    Psalm XXXIV ("Jamais ne cesserai")
1941 v pf psalms
    Psalm CXL ("O Dieu donne-moi délivrance")
1940 v pf psalms
    Psalm CXXXVIII ("Il faut que tous mes esprits")
1941 v pf psalms
145 Petits airs sur une basse célèbre 1941 pf airs
146 Mandragora 1941 fl sax perc 2vn va vc hp 2pf incidental music
147 L'Ombre de la ravine 1941 fl 2vn va vc hp incidental music see also H.217
148 Petit cours de morale (5): 1941 v pf melodies
E minor 1941 v pf melodies
1941 v pf melodies
1941 v pf melodies
1941 v pf melodies
D major 1941 v pf melodies
149 Les suppliantes 1941 ten mch fch orch incidental music
150 Huit cent metres 1941 incidental music lost
151 La ligne d'horizon 1941 ten mch orch incidental music
152 Saluste du Bartas 1941 v pf villanelles
153 Symphony No.2 D major 1940-41 str (tpt) symphonies
154 Le mangeur de rêves 1941 ballets lost
155 Chant de libération 1942 bar ch orch film scores lost
156 Le journal tombre à cinq heures 1942 film scores
157 Huit hommes dans un château 1942 film scores in collaboration with Arthur Hoérée
158 Les antiquités de l’Asie occidentale 1942 orch film scores
159 Musiques pour France-actualités 1942? film scores lost
160 La boxe en France 1942 film scores in collaboration with André Jolivet
161 Secrets 1942 film scores lost
162 Le grand barrage 1942 orch pieces
163 Pasiphaé 1943 2ob 2cl sax 2bn incidental music
164 Callisto, ou la petite nymphe de Diane 1943 film scores in collaboration with Roland-Manuel;
original version lost, only an arrangement for piano is extant
165 Le soulier de satin 1943 sop bar ch orch incidental music
166 Le capitaine Fracasse 1943 film scores original version lost ;
see also H.166a and 166b
166a Chansons pour 'Le capitaine Fracasse' (5): 1942 v pf chansons from H.166
    Sérénade de Scapin
1942 v pf chansons lost
    Arietta 'Si mon coeur parlait, Lysandre'
1942 v pf chansons
    Chanson du chariot de Thespis
1942 v pf chansons 1st version
    Chanson du chariot de Thespis
1942 v pf chansons 2nd version
    Chanson pour Isabelle
1942 v pf chansons
166b Pièces de 'Le capitaine Fracasse' (3): 1943 pf pieces from H.166
1943 pf pieces
1943 pf pieces
    Danse de Scapin
1943 pf dances
167 Mermoz 1943 film scores see also H.167a
167a Suites (2): 1943 orch suites adaptation of H.167
    Suite 'La Traversée des Andes'
1943 orch suites
    Suite 'Le Vol sur l'Atlantique'
1943 orch suites
168 Céline 1942 v fl hp vn va vc songs 1st version ;
168 Céline 1943 v pf songs 2nd version
169 Panis angelicus B major 1943 v pf sacred songs
170 La nativité 1943 film scores unfinished
171 Un seul amour 1943 film scores see also H.171a
171a Romances sentimentales (2): 1943 v pf romances from H.171
    Quand tu verras les hirondelles
1943 v pf romances
    Si le mal d'amour
1943 v pf romances
172 Sodome et Gomorrhe 1943 6tbn 2timp perc incidental music
173 Esquisses (2): 1942-44 pf sketches
    Large et rapsodique
1943 pf pieces
    Allegretto malinconico
1942 pf pieces
174 L'Appel de la montagne 1943-45 orch ballets see also H.174a
174a Schwyzer Faschttag 1943-45 orch suites from H.174
175 Charles le Téméraire 1944 vv ch orch incidental music
176 Battements du monde 1944 nar sop cv fch orch incidental music
177 Selzach Passion 1938-44 nar vv ch orch passions unfinished
178 O temps suspends ton vol 1945 vn pf melodies
179 Morceau de concours 1945 vn pf pieces
180 Chota Roustaveli 1945 ballets in collaboration with Aleksandr Tcherepnin and Tibor Harsányi;
original version lost, only an arrangement for piano is extant
181 Paduana G major 1945 vc pieces
182 Sérénade à Angélique E major 1945 orch serenades
183 Un ami viendra ce soir 1945 film scores see also H.183a
183a Piéces de 'Un ami viendra ce soir' (3): 1945 pf pieces from H.183
    Souvenir de Chopin
1945 pf pieces
    Jacques au piano
1945 pf pieces
    Prélude à la mort
1945 pf preludes
183b Chant de la délivrance 1945 vv? pf songs adaptation of H.183
184 Chansons pour voix grave (4): 1940-45 v pf songs
    La douceur de tes yeux
1945 v pf chansons
    Derrière Murcie en fleurs
B minor 1940 v pf chansons
    Un grand sommeil noir
C minor 1944 v pf melodies
    La terre les eaux va buvant
1944 v pf melodies
185 Demons de vaube 1945-46 film scores in collaboration with Arthur Hoérée
186 Symphony No.3 ("Liturgique") 1945-46 orch symphonies
187 Prometheus 1946 fch orch incidental music
188 A Ghost 1946 film scores in collaboration with Arthur Hoérée
189 Sortilèges 1946 4omb ballets lost
190 Hamlet 1946 sop vv br perc incidental music
191 Symphony No.4 ("Deliciae Basiliensis") A minor 1946 orch symphonies
192 Mimaamaquim (Psaume CXXX) 1947 v pf/orch psalms
193 Intrada B major 1947 tpt pf intradas
194 Oedipus 1947 uch 2om perc incidental music
195 L'État de siège 1948 incidental music lost
196 Concerto da camera 1948 fl eh str concertos
197 Saint François d'Assise 1948-49? nar ten ch orch incidental music
198 Marche contre la mort 1949 incidental music lost
199 Tête d'or 1949-50 orch incidental music
200 De la musique 1950 ballets lost
201 Bourdelle 1950 film scores
202 Symphony No.5 ("Di Tre Re") D major 1950 orch symphonies
203 Suite archaïque E minor 1950-51 orch suites
204 Monopartita F minor 1951 orch partitas
205 La Tour de Babel 1951 film scores lost ;
in collaboration with Tibor Harsányi and Arthur Hoérée
206 Paul Claudel 1951 film scores
207 Toccata G major 1951 orch toccatas from collaborative work "La Guirlande de Campra" ;
on a theme from Camille by André Campra
208 On ne badine pas avec l'amour 1951 incidental music lost
209 La rédemption de François Villon 1951 vv orch incidental music
210 Oedipus Rex 1952 ch ww br perc om incidental music
211 Romance G minor 1952-53 fl pf romances
212 Une cantate de Noël 1952-53 bar cch ch orch sacred cantatas see also H.177
213 Très modéré G major pf bagatelles
214 Arioso 1927-29 vn pf ariosos
215 Andante 1943? 4om andantes
216 Colloque fl cel vn va pieces
217 Introduction et danse fl hp (pf) vn va vc incidental music? see also H.147
218 Chevauchée orch film scores?
219 Pathétique orch film scores?
220 Vivace (Dance) G minor orch incidental music?
221 Allegretto E major orch allegrettos
222 La nuit est si profonde v orch melodies