List of works by Benjamin Dale

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  • Horatius, Overture for Orchestra (1899)
  • Overture for Orchestra (1900)
  • The Tempest, Overture to Shakespeare's "Tempest" (1902)
  • Concertstück (Concert Piece) for Organ and Orchestra (1904)
  • Concert Overture in G Minor for Orchestra (1904)
  • English Dance for Small Orchestra (1919) – original (1916) for violin and piano
  • Prunella for Small Orchestra (1923) – original (1916) for violin and piano
  • A Holiday Tune for Small Orchestra (1925) – original (1920) for violin and piano
  • The Flowing Tide, Tone Poem for Orchestra (1924–1943)


  • Piano Trio (early work)


  • English Dance for Violin and Piano (1916) – originally titled Country Dance
  • Prunella for Violin and Piano, Op.10 (1916)
  • A Holiday Tune for Violin and Piano (1920); for Violin and Orchestra (1925)
  • Sonata in E Major for Violin and Piano, Op.11 (1921–1922)
  • Ballade in C Minor for Violin and Piano, Op.15 (1926)


  1. Maestoso – Allegretto espressivo
  2. Romance (also for viola and orchestra)
  3. Finale: Allegro (also for viola and orchestra)
  • Phantasy, Op.4 in D Minor for Viola and Piano, (1910)
  • Introduction and Andante for Six Violas, Op.5 (1911, revised 1913)
  • English Dance (1916); arrangement for Viola and Piano by York Bowen – original for violin and piano


  • Organ Sonata (early work)
  • Sonata in D Minor for Piano, Op.1 (1902–1905)
  • Night Fancies, Impromptu in D-flat Major for Piano, Op.3 (1907)
  • English Dance for Piano (1919) – original (1916) for violin and piano
  • Prunella for Piano (1923) – original (1916) for violin and piano
  • A Holiday Tune for Piano (1924) - piano solo version of 1920 violin and piano work


  1. O Mistress Mine in F Major for Low Voice and Piano
  2. Come Away, Death in D-flat Major for Low Voice, Viola and Piano


  • Before the Paling of the Stars for Chorus and Orchestra (1912); setting of a Christmas Hymn by Christina Rossetti
  • A Song of Praise, Festival Anthem for Soloists, Chorus and Orchestra, Op.12 (1923); words by Reginald Heber; composed for the 269th annual festival of the Sons of the Clergy
  • Rosa Mystica, Carol for Mixed Voices with Tenor Solo (1925); the words from the Mediaeval anthology collected by Mary Segar