List of works by Benjamin Righetti

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Opus Title Scoring Year Type Available
1 D. Chostakovich, Concertino pour deux pianos Op. 94 organ 2002 transcription unpublished
2 Allegro de Concert organ 2002 composition
3 Etude fantomatique organ 2003 composition
4 6 chants liturgiques 1 to 4 voices 2007 composition
5 Regard vers le Royaume organ 2008 composition
6 Variations en sol mineur piano 2009 composition
7 F. Liszt, Sonate organ 2010 transcription unpublished
8 Ich steh' an deiner Krippen hier organ 2011 composition
9 F. Schubert, Impromptu Op. 142 Nr. 2 organ 2013 transcription
10 9 chorals pour alterner avec l'Opus 122 de J. Brahms string quartet 2013 composition
11 4 répons liturgiques (De profundis, Annonce de la Grâce, Sanctus, Agnus Dei) 4 voices 2014 composition
12 R. Wagner, Wesendonk Lieder: Der Engel organ 2014 transcription
13 Erbarm dich mein organ 2015 composition
14 L. van Beethoven, Concerto Op. 58 piano and organ 2015 transcription unpublished
15 Pour les enfants, recueil de pièces brèves pour débuter l'orgue organ 2015 composition & transcription
16 F. Poulenc, Gloria voices, strings and organ 2015 transcription unpublished
17 This Little Light of Mine organ 2016 composition
18 J. S. Bach, Cantate Christ lag in Todesbanden BWV 4 (extraits) organ 2016 transcription
19 A. Honnegger, Une Cantate de Noël voices, strings and organ 2016 transcription unpublished
20 Au bord du Léman piano 2017 composition
21 F. Mendelssohn, Verleih uns Frieden gnädiglich voices and organ 2017 transcription
22 Den Tod (verset pour la Cantate collective "Christ lag 2017") voices and organ 2017 composition
23 Iucundum mea vita (canon à trois voix) 3 equal voices 2017 composition
24 G. F. Haendel, Gloria: Qui tollis peccata mundi organ and sopran 2017 transcription
25 J. S. Bach, Matthäuspassion: Erbarme dich, mein Gott organ 2017 transcription
26 Cantilène belle époque organ, strings, timpani 2018 composition
26a Cantilène (version préliminaire) organ 2018 composition
27 Attendre la paix organ 2018 composition
28 H. Purcell, Dido and Aeneas: When I am Laid in Earth (Dido's Lamento) organ 2019 transcription
29 S. Rachmaninov, Prélude Op. 23 No 5 organ 2019 transcription
30 A. Auberson, Quatre Danses saxophone and organ 2019 transcription
31 Missa Brevis (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus dei, Amen) 6 voices and organ ad lib. 2019 composition
32 H. Berlioz, La Damnation de Faust: Marche Hongroise organ 2019 transcription
33 La Gamba instrumental quintet 2019 composition
34 Entends-tu cette mélodie? voice and piano 2019 composition
35 A. Vivaldi, Nisi Dominus RV 608: Cum dederit voice and organ 2020 transcription
36 G. Guami, 2 Canzoni a 8 2 organs and 2 flutes 2020 transcription
37 B. Marini, Sonata sexta 2 organs 2020 transcription