List of works by Benjamin Whelpley

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Works with Opus Number

  • Op.1 -
  • Op.2 - 5 Piano Pieces
    1. Album Leaf (D major)
    2. Through Brake and Brier
    3. Dance of the Gnomes
    4. In the Forest
    5. Under Bright Skies
  • Op.3 - 2 Piano Pieces
    1. Evening Song
    2. Minuet (A major)
  • Op.4 - 3 Piano Pieces
    1. In the Garden
    2. Will o' tne Wisp
    3. Serenade (E major)
  • Op.5 - 4 Songs
    1. Gather rosebuds (Words by Robert Herrick)
    2. Dinna ask me (Words by J. Dunlop)
    3. All in a Garden green (Words by W. E. Henley)
    4. My Love is ever mine (Words by D. M. Craik)
  • Op.6 - A Forest Song. For Soprano or Tenor (Words by A. M. Johnson)
  • Op.7 - 3 Songs
    1. I know a Hill (Words by Harriet Boyer)
    2. White Rose (Words by C. Y. Glen)
    3. The Nightingale Has a Lyre of Gold (Words by William Ernest Henley)
  • Op.8 -
  • Op.9 - Songs from Tennyson's "Maud" (Words by Alfred Tennyson)
    1. Birds in the high hall-garden
    2. Catch not my breath (recitative). Go not happy death
    3. I have led her home
  • Op.10 -
  • Op.11 - 5 Characteristic Pieces for the Piano
    1. Spring Madrigal
    2. The Nightingale
    3. Song of the Fountain
    4. At Evening
    5. Dance by Moonlight
  • Op.12 - Songs from Tennyson's "Princess" (Words by Alfred Tennyson)
    1. The splendor falls on castle walls
    2. Tears, idle tears
    3. O swallow, flying south
  • Op.13 - 3 Piano Pieces
    1. Humoresque
    2. Intermezzo
    3. Canzonetta
  • Op.14 -
  • Op.15 - 2 Preludes for Violin, Cello and Organ (published by the Boston Music Co. and Schirmer, 1912.)
    1. E major
    2. F major
  • Op.16 - Anthems for men's voices
    1. O that I knew where I might find Him
    2. Like as the Hart desireth the Water-Brooks
    3. Mercy and Truth are met together
    4. God is our Hope and Strength
    5. Thou wilt keep him in perfect Peace
  • Op.17 - 5 Songs
    1. Wanderer's night song (Words from the German of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. English version by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)
    2. Winter song (Words from the German of Ludwig Heinrich Christoph Hölty, English version by Charles T. Brooks)
    3. Tis springtime on the Eastern hills (Words by John Greenleaf Whittier)
    4. Now sleeps the crimson petal (Words by Alfred Tennyson)
    5. I arise from dreams of thee (Words by P. B. Shelley)
  • Op.18 - 3 Morceaux pour piano
    1. Prélude
    2. Chanson écossaise
    3. Menuet gracieux
  • Op.19 - 3 Songs
    1. A Spring song (Words by G. W. Curtis)
    2. I came between the glad, green hills (Words by L. C. Moulton)
    3. October's bright blue weather (Words by Helen Hunt Jackson)
  • Op.20 - 7 Piano pieces
    1. Summer morning
    2. Song of the Night-wind
    3. In the woodland
    4. When twilight comes
    5. Indian summer
    6. Across the waters
    7. Dance of the red men

Works without Opus Number

  • Convent Bells. Trio for women's voices (Words by T. H. Bayley)
  • Flow down, cold rivulet trio
  • How lovely is Thy dwelling place, trio
  • In heavenly love abiding, for S.A.T.B. with S. Solo
  • Look upon the rainbow : a song of praise, for S.A.T.B.
  • O how amiable are Thy dwellings, for S.A.T.B.
  • Oh, for a Breath o' the Moorlands (Song, words by H. M. Davidson)
  • Oh happy swallow (Song, words by C. G. Rossetti)
  • Phyllis is my only Joy (Song, words by Sir Charles Sedley)
  • Sailor Laddie (Song)
  • Songs for Tom, Dick, Bob & Peggy (Song, words by Elizabeth Lincoln Gould)
  • Springtime of Love (Song, words by F. D. Sherman)
  • Te Deum laudamus
  • Te Deum laudamus No. 2, in F major
  • The Joy of Easter (Easter Carol) (Words by S. P. Joslin)
  • The Marching Song of Stark's Men (Quartet, words by E. E. Hale, etc.)
  • The Old Church Bell. Hymn (Song, words by S. P. Joslin, etc.)
  • The Old Countrie (Song)
  • The Soldier, for three-part Chorus of women's voices (Words by R. Burns)
  • The Trumpeter (Song, words by T. W. Higginson)
  • Twelve Responses