List of works by Charles Edward Horsley

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Sources include

  • Hofmeisters Monatsberichte
  • Worldcat

Works with Opus Number

  • Op.2. Six melodies for the piano forte. London : J.J. Ewer & Co. [1842]
  • Op.3. Cello Sonata
  • Op.7. Trio No.1 p. Pfte., Violon et Violoncelle., in A . (Ded. à Mdme Dulcken). Hamburg, Cranz 1845.
  • Op.9. 6 Lieder f. Sopran. Leipzig, Kistner 1846.
  1. Venetianisches Lied (In der Gondel gestern).
  2. Im Sommer (Wie Feld und Au’ so blinkend).
  3. Ständchen (Hüttelein, still und klein).
  4. Gute Nacht.
  5. Nach Dir, nach Dir.
  6. Reue (Wie rafft’ ich mich auf).
  • Op.9. Also symphony in D (manuscript)
  • Op.10. Six melodies for the Piano Forte. London, [1846]
  • Op.11. 6 Mélodies Pf. Leipz., Kistner 1847.
  • Op.11. also Sonata for piano and flute concertante. 1846
  • Op.12. Impromptu for the Piano Forte. London, [1847]
  • Op.13. Piano Trio No.2 in B minor . Leipzig, Br. u. Härtel 1849.
  • Op.14. Violin Sonata No.1 in F . Leipzig, Kistner 1848.
  • Op.21. 6 Lieder. Leipzig Br. u. Härtel1848.
  1. Frisch eilt der helle Strom hinunter.
  2. Glück.
  3. Volkslied. In dem Garten spriesst die Rose.
  4. Schlaflied.
  5. Die Welt ist so schön.
  • Op.24. Piano Concerto in C minor (1847)
  • Op.29. Violin Concerto in D minor (1849)
  • Op.30. David, a Sacred Oratorio (
  • Op.39. Joseph: A Sacred Oratorio (London: Addison and Hollier)
  • Op.46. Three chamber duets : for two performers on the pianoforte (published by Wessel, ca.1857)
  • Op.50. Gideon, oratorio
  • Op.62. Intercolonial Exhibition March 1866, 1866 (Melbourne: W.H. Glen)
  • Op.76. Euterpe


  • Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, Op. 55. Musik zur Antigone des Sophokles, f. Pfte arr. v. C.E. Horsley. Leipzig, Kistner 1878.

No Opus

  • Fleurs des champs, grande valse pour le Piano. London, [1844]
  • Two songs for a contralto voice and piano-forte. With English & German words.. London &c. : J.J. Ewer & co. [1845]
    • Song from Genoveva, 'In yon vale enclos'd'. [2]: Sing, maiden! sing).
  • Musical trifles, no. 1. Andante & Allegretto for the piano forte. London &c. : J.J. Ewer & co. [1842?]
  • Der Traum, melody for the Piano Forte. London, [1846]
  • Fröhlichkeit, melody for the Piano Forte.London, [1846]
  • Sehnsucht, melody for the Piano Forte. London, [1846]
  • Souvenirs de la Compagne. Deuxième grande valse pour le Piano. Londres, [1847]
  • Recollections of the Ball, third waltz for the Piano Forte. London, [1848]
  • The Fountain Polka, for Piano /London, [1848]
  • String Quartet No.1 in C major : Melbourne 1862
  • String quartet no. 2 in E major : Melbourne 1864 (published by the Marshall-Hall trust)
  • Comus: Cantata for Solo and Chorus (published by Schirmer, 1874)
  • Symphony no.2 in C (1848)
  • Symphony no.3 in E (1852)
  • The bridal ; a wedding cantata for solo voices, choruses and orchestra. (Mollenhauer, 1873)
  • Gideon : a sacred lyrical oratorio in three parts (Rodwell, ©1860)
  • Kiss Me and Call Me Your Darling (song and chorus, 1876 or earlier)
  • Violin Sonata No.2 in F. (typeset and edited by Richard Divall, 2014)